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Anime Recommendations


Not how it works Anpa. If that was the case No Game No Life would have more seasons instead of just one. A lot, lot of fans of this anime guy t really upset when they stopped production on this amazing anime.



I sympathize with you on that. I've been waiting too



*Not how it ALWAYS works.

Studios don't decide if something will get another season based on how die-hard fans are online. It's based on how much money it will make in relation to cost of production. NGNL might not have had the good enough ratio for the studio to invest in another season. The rumors of plagiarism doesn't help.

As for Hi-score Girl, I was joking. I'm certainly not expecting the 5 people on this site to be able to turn the tide on the fate of there being a 2nd season xD Besides, it's too indy of a series. I doubt it was profitable for the studio or Netflix, so there's probably no chance of it continuing.


I can't tell when a text post is being humorous or not when it seems serious as well, and from a stranger. There are also copyright issues too. Apparently some anime didn't continue cuz america lost the copyright to it.


I definitely commented about that because I've seen hi score girl like 4 times xD but i don't see my comment soooo idk lol

It's hard for them to judge how much money it will make with so many illegal streaming and manga sites. The popularity can be great but if it was all illegal, it won't mean anything.

NGNL had a movie or two as well. I mean log horizon took fucking years before a 3rd season. Fruits Basket took like ten years. Can't rule it out! :D


I know why fruits basket took ten years. It was bad for the author. The original person who took over the rights to turn fruit basket into an anime stomped all over the original story and made it into an anime she told the author would make it better. After that when the contract was done the rights to fruits basket was taken away from the anime director whatever and the author of the manga recluses herself in Japan cuz of the stress and power struggle of the original story. It took years to find a person who made the anime to the author's desire from the manga to finally start it back again.


I still have to finish like 5 ep's but don't know if my heart can handle it... I might watch it tonight and have the tissues ready. The second season either bored me or made me cry on like every episode. But it was finally getting good. I might have to sub crunchy role x.x


I see people talking about Fruits Baskets but I stopped reading because I still need to watch the third season on the relaunch, but yay for us, *applause* One of the best animes ever. I'm glad they reevaluated the art style from the old one to the new one because Tohru had derpy eyes.


Chobits and Paranoia Agent. School Rumble if you enjoy half-parodies.

Jan 04, 22 at 8:15pm

"Anime Recommendations" should very from person to person, dependent on their tastes and what they've seen before. What one person likes the next might not and vice versa. I'll never understand general recommendations that don't take people's preferences into account.

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