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Anime Recommendations

Jan 02, 21 at 5:25pm

for anyone who wants a good feelsy anime with mechs and stuff, I recommend "The Price of Smiles" aka: "Egao no Daika". really good anime... kinda sad at times, but also really interesting. i reccomend giving it a watch!! :3

Jan 05, 21 at 10:22am

if anyone is looking for a cute but really creepy anime, i recommend C3 (the 3 is an exponent so its pronounced C cubed) its about this guy who finds this girl in his house and the girl turns out to be a murder weapon. really good for something so unique in anime and it can be super creepy too if youre into that.... :3

Jan 05, 21 at 10:40am

if anyone is looking for a more wholesome romantic harem anime with less ecchi, i recommend: "Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi". its about a guy who moves back to his old town in the country side after many years with his little brother. while he looks for his brother's hat, he meets a girl who he ends up accidentally falling on and kissing. its not as ecchi as it seems... its actually quite wholesome. i say give it a try! :3

Jan 05, 21 at 10:44am

“isekai wa smartphone to tomo ni” is a good one. gives me konosuba vibes. its decent. its about a guy who gets isekaid to another world with magic with his smartphone. pretty dope. give it a watch if ya can! :3

(thought I'd repost this here too)


The Great Pretender

If you want a Netflix original with an original concept and great dub, then it’s the perfect show for you.


If we going with netflix give Baki a try too after watching the original Baki the grappler anime. It may seem weird at first but after awhile it grows on you with the world building.

Jan 07, 21 at 8:17am

Here's a more popular suggestion for you all that i really enjoyed: Shakugan no Shana. its super good! its about a guy named Sakai Yuji who dies and becomes a torch (a temporary existence). he meets this girl named Shana who claims to be a flame haze and shows him that he is a torch. normally he would disappear after a while, but as it turns out, he is a mysties that contains a special treasure... (i wont say what is... watch to find out ;D) the anime has a lot of cool fight scenes along with a ton of romance. plus it has three really good seasons, and to top it all off, it has an actual ending(wont spoil. don't worry)!! :D i hope you all enjoy this anime as much as i did! :3



Danmachi has been quite good so far. I have been spoiled as to what happens from LN readers, but its a very good series.

[Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?]


can manga be recommended?

if no then dororo and inuyashiki are my fave animes

dorohedoro deserves a mention too as even if it was animated in horrific cgi it wasn't done too poorly and the story and humor are worthy it (but read the manga if you want the best version)


For the love of god, would more people watch Hi-Score Girl so that I can get a 3rd season???? It's about a girl who's a prodigy at fighting games back in the 90's arcades! Who tf wouldn't be interested in watching this???

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