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Anime Recommendations

Jun 30, 20 at 5:30pm

Kakegurui on Netflix. The art is beutiful, the characters are fascinating, and there isn't any anime I've seen quite like it. Gambling mixed in with a bunch of gesugao women. So great.


Arc @arc

You forgot the part where every character falls in one of two categories, the "I'm about to crap my pants, save me, this Bitch's crazy" and the category of "I have orgasms while looking at my opponents helplessly fight me"


Mononoke is definitely in my top 10. The art style is very "different". It's unique. It's a must see.


I just finished watching this, I was immensely delighted, a truthfully delicious anime, I enjoyed myself throughly, a solid 7/10


My life as a villainess!!! Omg yes


The end route: is gonna be yuri and you know it ^

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