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Popular VS. Underrated/Obscure Manga/Anime


kishimoto gets shippuden and boruto and they make kubo wrap bleach up? so cruel xD


Aaah senpai but aren't you frustrated that they made him rush the ending? They didn't reveal all the you no whats until later in a novel. Also boruto manga is kinda lit ngl, unlike the anime that is


The whole series has its flaws but it's always had a special place in my heart.
So many filler arcs
But i still loved it regardless
When it comes to the ending i can't really remember how that goes but i remember it being pretty epic


Seeing ichigo use getsuga tenshou 200 times per episode was definitely exciting lmao. I do agree it had lots of flaws but I love bleach regardless of it.


We all wanna be badass spiritual swordspeople with unique powers


The fillers were nice too though, especially the zanpaktou rebellion arc


Not really a factor for my enjoyment


Gantz is easily my favorite Seinen. The many alien battles and development of each player made it engaging for me.

And so agreed. The live action movies are crap. It’s hard to name a good live action anime film.


Haven't read it in a while but if I remember right, I felt Gantz got a bit too crazy towards the end. I think the vampires got forgotten too or something. I still found it pretty interesting but it was more enjoyable before the last 100 or so chapters.


True. It seems to be a common trend when the last few arcs for any manga are quite obvious for that dip in quality.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Naruto were good examples of this.

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