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Popular VS. Underrated/Obscure Manga/Anime


IMO, most popular ones are full of more toxic fans that would backlash you to rule over them while the popular ones get prominent enough to possibly get boring or annoying. Even if you gain interest in them, your loved ones and friends might also criticize you and order you to let them go.

For underrated/obscure ones, they may cause normies to look at anyone preferring these as weirdos or retards in an insulting way, but on the bright side, it's like treasure hunting for even ones that were ahead of their time before popular ones.


ill admit i tend to shy away or drop anime/manga when they become really popular, like i did with boku no hero

some popular manga are really good, like chainsaw man or one punch, but there is a strange hipster satisfaction when it comes to reading a hardly known manga


Not sure if its underrated but Gantz is pretty cool.


gantz isnt underrated but id say its more obscure because of its live action movie and flunk of an anime


Gantz has the right amount of fan base
Also how neat is it that inuyashiki references gantz


I haven't watched the live action movir yet but everyone says that its terrible so I avoided it. The manga is pretty lit though


Also panorama of hell, i think its super underrated


idk if your memeing senpai because poes law but they have the same mangaka

i think inuyashiki was inspired by that old dude from the original gang

i miss him....

least the kid and ryou didnt die

no spoiler warning because its been out for over 10 years


i dont know if this is a recommendation thread but Maiko-san chi no Makanai-san is an underrated, underknown fuwa fuwa manga

half slice of live, half cooking

all wholesome

oh apparently itll be getting an anime


@Lamby who's your fav character from the entire gantz cast?

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