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Popular VS. Underrated/Obscure Manga/Anime


first was the onion kid and dad

loved them, so sad

then jouichirou

then the osaka gang because i love pieces of shit

what about you?


Onion kid for some reason had me in tears, I felt bad for the both of them. My fav is definitely nishi, just because hes an asshole


right? but he was a somewhat relatable asshole because of the bullying

i was so glad when they brought him back

i think the best thing about gantz was how fucking insane it ended up being

like the mangaka just did whatever he fucking pleased (including that osaka guy fucking that huge alien)

the only complaint id have is the mc was one of the worst mcs iv ever seen


Yeah the mc lacked a lot of substance I honestly felt nothing for him for the entirety of the story. The mangaka was on cocaine for sure towards the end I had to re read every chapter twice just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me lmao


Whats your opinion on the promised neverland manga though? Are you caught up? What do you think of the plot and where its headed rn?


right? his motivation wasnt to live but it was pussy

and it wasnt even endearing or relatable

he just ended up being a dick to sweet dude izumi

duuuuuude i loved yakusoku

im not fully up on it but they had just slayed the demon queen


He gave new meaning to "live and die by the pussy" thats for certain. You should really catch up to neverland the plot is getting super interesting. Also, have you watched/read bleach? I know its super mainstream but since the anime is coming back after sooo many years I'm super hyped to see the final arc animated!


oh damn it is? ill get into it, its been really lacking since goldy lake arc

i watched bleach when it was on toonami as a kid but dropped it xD but i do like kubo's style

holy shit the anime is coming back? isnt the manga over? or the anime previous didnt finish it?

speaking of mainstream anime, having you seen kishimotos new manga samurai 7?


The manga finished years ago but they stopped the anime after the fullbring arc. You should read it though the last arc is insane (although they forced kubo to wrap it up towards the end so the ending is a bit rushed, hopefully the fix it in the anime).


I never keep track of things but it makes sense.
Gantz and inuyashiki are both masterpieces
But im not gonna lie inuyashiki made me shed manly tears
Bleach is top tier too

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