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Popular VS. Underrated/Obscure Manga/Anime


I feel like i never hear people talk about Erased. I watched the anime when it aired and it made me want to read the LN but never got to it.
(had a sayuri playlist playing and it reminds me of that series)
on that note, sayuri also did ED for Kuzu no Honkai.. that series was a fucking masterpiece and no one can change my mind.


Hmm, I'll probably say Legend of Legendary heroes. It has some epic scenes


Mobile suit gundam iron-blooded orphans is pretty underrated. It should have been hyped wayyyy more when it was still ongoing


dimension W was neat. I definitely dont hear anyone talking about it lol

jioji @jioji commented on Popular VS. Underrated/Obscure Manga/Anime
jioji @jioji
May 09, 20 at 6:32am

I'd say Sekai suru kado. Both the animation and plot are great but it's soooo underated


Princess Ressurection does not get the attention it deserves. An adventure comedy series that takes horror influence from different sources, classic monsters, Japanese folklore, slasher movies, and Lovecraft. The opening is great as well. Unfortunately, the anime doesn't fully cover the manga.
Obscure manga? two series Gamble Fish, which I am very surprised has not been made into an anime yet and The Duke of Death and his Black Maid


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