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Dr. Stone


Think it is the same artists or something. I remember there being some connection to Danganronpa or something. Could have misheard though.


Art looks alright. Can be off putting on occasions.


Biggest complaint was how the history of the village came to be ya know. I wanted it to be less plot contrived than it turned out being.

Maybe I am too harsh on the story, but fun characters only take you so far ya know!


The current manga arc will be a good one. That is all I can say unless some have caught up like me.


I am curious to see the next arc. By some of the pictures I have seen down the line it almost seems akin to a One Piece narrative.


I love the show! And Senku is a genius! I love Kohaku and Gen, but would definitely like to see more of Senku's old friends Taiju and Yuzuriha in the next season. :)

Sep 23, 20 at 7:52am

I have been really into survival tech over the past few years(You know, just in case). The science from the show is 100% legit, and i love it for it.

Sep 24, 20 at 12:52pm

now that iv gotten pretty far in the manga I just wanna say

these are the husbandos
you might not like it but they are the male peak performance in this manga

Sep 24, 20 at 8:28pm

Gotta love Kinro!

Sep 24, 20 at 8:30pm

kinrou is so adorable and the perfect contrast to gen

I wish they had more interactions, it would be adorable

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