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Dr. Stone


Dr. Stone is a strange series in that it seems to stick to the most generic shounen adventure story but places in the occasional Bill Nye the Science Guy fun facts. I had high hopes after the first 2 episodes that it would use logic and reason to progress the story. Then by the 3rd I got the bad taste of "been down this road" flavoring to the mix!

Senku is a charismatic protagonist with a sharp wit. The time he is given to apply real world facts or experiments are interesting. The many other side characters to me usually are good at being supportive while throwing in some surprise leads of their own, but much of the plot relys on the convenient here is the magic solution to the problem.

That said, some of the music is fun and the world can be interesting when it isn't rushing to be the next JoJo Bizarre Adventure but with science!

JJBA is not bad, but I want Dr. Stone to be a very practical show that is enhanced by Anime not weighted down with copy pasted story formulas. It just seems counter productive to say the world's problems can be solved with logical reasoning only for Bleach style abilities to start popping off.

So what are your opinions? What do you like or dislike about the show? Who are your favorite characters?


Senku, Chrome, and the girl who thinks shes a lioness


They are the big three! What do you think of their antagonistic others? Like the villains? Are they good or do they hurt the story?


I dont like magma, hes such a bully! but Gen , hes ok.


I do enjoy Gen as the anime version of Criss Angel lol!

As for Magma I do like where his character arc is going. He starts off generic but does improve later.


Personally I have a big issue with Tsukasa Shishio. I feel he was introduced too soon and makes the pacing faster than necessary to build up to a fantasy shounen battle. His motives, history, and abilities are also contrived in my opinion.

They bring up a valid point about the natural problem of human advancement and society but fundamentally all those problems exist within a Stone World making his logic hella' flawed from the beginning. Plus why are all his followers ripped straight from a JJBA or Bleach manga?


I enjoyed Dr.Stone for a few episodes but the whole "lovey dovey" thing between the dumb guy and the woman was too damn annoying. I liked Tsukas character a lot


Ah, well Taiju and Yuzuriha are only for a part of the show. Most of the current season is about Senku and the Village vs Tsukasa and his army.

Jan 02, 20 at 7:40pm

One of my favorite shows.

ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa commented on Dr. Stone
ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa
Jan 02, 20 at 10:40pm
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