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Gabriel A True

29 year old Male
Last online about 4 hours ago
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I'm incredibly sorry for the inconvience, I still have the check, I meant to deposit it earlier but I ended up completely forgetting to do that when i put it in my nightstand to keep it safe. I just sent over a mobile deposit just now and it is pending. I will update you from there. Again So sorry for the inconvience.


The only one that is decently painted ismy HG Flauros, but I am not selling this one. NOTE: I do have the other parts just didnt feel like putting them on at the time of taking this picture)


@gabriel_a_true i figured, i did take a look at my models they dont seem worth selling the way they are.


@gabriel_a_true I could send pics, but I gotta wait until this weekend since most of them are at my mom's house cause I had no room in my apartment to store them.


Your welcome @gabriel_a_true and I am happy that it came in one piece (no pun intended).

To elaborate on the Gundam Models, My models are fully assembled and HG and still have their boxes. I was wondering if people do purchase any pre-assembled models or if it effects the value of them in the eyes of the serious gunpla builders

Sep 01, 20 at 5:34pm

But the thing is, it's a gym mems bathroom so honestly it can be a damn mess everywhere or not at all and no one was there except that dude but I know that feeling. To be honest some of my piss falls on the floor when I'm using the toilets at work but I can have that privilege because I'm literally the only one who cleans the bathrooms at work along with the break room all by myself yet no one else takes out the trash when it's full because "it's not their job" it ain't my.job either.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for Gabriel A True
elhaym @elhaym
Aug 29, 20 at 11:09am

thank you for your kind words

giku23 @giku23 left a comment for Gabriel A True
Aug 08, 20 at 1:32am

I pre order crash bandicoot 4

Vagene @ahuman Have either of you played destroy all humans, old or remake?
giku23 @giku23 left a comment for Gabriel A True
Aug 08, 20 at 1:27am

Yeah that one really good

giku23 @giku23 left a comment for Gabriel A True
Aug 08, 20 at 1:24am