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The Common Argument: Dub vs Sub


Sub. I think it's because I started watching anime online when I was like 11. And I started watching it subbed... I grew up watching it subbed. Now dubbed just feels wrong ^^

Nov 20, 20 at 4:45pm

ye sub no contest, i remember it sucking at first trying to read while watching but once I got used to it, it really wasn't that bad. also you can watch WAY more anime if you can read subs


Nah, Dub *loud burp* As I've said before . If I wanted to read then I'll just go read the manga


so: I prefer subs but this also depends on when the anime was made. Before Crunchyroll was big like it is today, back around 2010, dubs were really a second thought. You basically had bottom of the barrel funding, or 4kids. So until Crunchyroll got established, there wasn't really a redeeming factor for dubs. Now things are different. Dubs get more attention, but are still second class. For instance in one of the later episodes of Railgun T, the VA's mic had issues and it made it into the final product. I have never seen that out of a sub no matter how underfunded it was, even in maximum covid situations. Theres also the huge amount of translation oddities (I hazard to call them errors, but just not the wording I would use). Its about one every 6-12 episodes. They still happen in subs, but are more pronounced in dubs.

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