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The Common Argument: Dub vs Sub


Dub, of course. But... I wouldn't watch English dub unless it's Lupin III.


i usually dont like dubs. even if there is a dub i perfer the sub. although i used to try to watch them both... XD


although i did grow up with pokemon and dragonball i watched it dubbed. so those 2 are exeptions... XD


Dub is good cause it lets you watch fight scenes and know what's happening without going cross eyed, you can also do other stuff and still know what's happening, however, imo subs are more immersive since you have to give it all your attention which will allow you to catch some stuff you might've missed if you were watching it dubbed, it's also the original which most times (not all the time) has more emotion, overall it isn't a question of which is better but what you prefer since they each have strengths and weaknesses


Sub is better it has more emotion and more passion behind it. It feels like the VA are actually that character. In dubs the VA sound like they read off a script. Some anime i will only watch dub and that would be soul eater and stuff but everything else sub


I hate high shrill voices.

Besides being able to focus on the anime and "action" that's prob my next best reason to pref dub.

Japan invokes "drama" differently than English voice actors.


Even for a comedy anime she goes all in. No monotone voice acting like dub


guys... we dont need to argue... the superior dub is obviously the speedy dub of dragon ball z... XD

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