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The Common Argument: Dub vs Sub


Proof dub is greater than sub.


"the southern milky way... if this continues, soon it will be the northern milky way." XD that shit had me dying... XD

This account has been suspended.

^^ :3


Just listen to that voice acting


Subs all the way. Japanese is fun to learn too.


I tend to watch the most anime when I am at the gym, so Dub lets me watch without having to stare at the screen for long periods to read. I do also prefer it at home if I am watching soI can multitask, so dub is usually the way to go for me. Voice acting has never bothered me one way or the other, good or bad I dont mind. Just easy going on that I suppose.


Cop Craft has crawled its way into my no. 2 spot for greatest dub ever.

Episode 6 is one of the greatest works in anime I've ever seen.

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