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sapphire20 @sapphire20 left a comment for Nekouki
Dec 04, 20 at 1:21am
Heyo! Would you like to chat sometime?
Nov 29, 20 at 1:01pm
PS: To anyone I was friends with, the person who hacked my account cleared my entire friend list... so if you are wondering, I did not intend to do that. ;-;
Nov 29, 20 at 12:35pm
So, my account seems to have most likely gotten hacked... Only managed to get back in, but who knows when I'll just get hacked again... >.< I'll probably stop using this site soon.
For me it just depends on the anime. By default I'll watch with subs, but some anime, especially with high-pitched female characters I will rather watch in English dub because they tend to have less extremely high-pitched voices. One anime that stands out, for me would be Hetalia's dub and sub. I watch both, because they're so different.
Probably the remakes of old 60s-70s anime from her youth. Haikara Tooru-san, Young Black Jack, Osomatsu-san (though not sure due to how different it is from the old one...)
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