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The Common Argument: Dub vs Sub


Giorno prefers Sub


only mere children are amused by dubs. real men know that subs are where its at. i don't judge those who watch dubs though, i used to be the same, sigh, how ignorant i was.


Subs are pretty dope! But I will take a BIG GREEN dub anytime, haha! @sasuke_kurosaki99


for me I can go either or. best way I can articulate my argument is that I like both dub and sub, but usually it depends on which show i am watching. Some shows like FMA BroHood and Soul Eater I like dubbed more while other shows like Mirai Nikki and stuff on crunchyroll I can lean toward subs. There are also cases like Konosuba and Panty and Stocking I think are funnier in dub if that makes sense. Really there is no superior form of watching anime for me because japanese and english have different types of tonal delivery.


I prefer dub over sub but if there isn't a dub, I watch the sub. I still haven't seen an anime with a bad dub.


Honestly I mostly watch anime while I'm doing stuff so dub is better for me because I don't wanna have to read the tv while I'm cleaning the kitchen or something


Does that really count as watching something though


I go Dub if it has been done right or if I can't be bothered to keep pausing because of being a slow reader, but sometimes I can tell what is being said by what is going on. Otherwise, I don't really mind either way.

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