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Jul 08, 19 at 8:50am

Houseiki no Kuni EP4;~

Jul 10, 19 at 11:50am

I noticed that Watamote was about to get taken off of Hulu so I started watching a couple episodes a day before its gone. On episode 9 or 10

festive commented on Your Progress
Jul 10, 19 at 12:40pm

I saw the first three episodes of Angelic Layer at a con I was at this week. I'll get around to watching the rest latter for sure.

Jul 10, 19 at 12:42pm

Episode 2 Violet Evergarden.

Jul 23, 19 at 2:01pm

Stuck on finding the best way to watch anime subbed in order to begin K-ON!! (Season 2) and continue The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Nichijou, and others including starting new ones.

Jul 23, 19 at 2:07pm

Gamers (Dub) on episode 5

Jul 23, 19 at 2:13pm

Got to episode 7 of Symphogear, but I'm considering dropping that. May start either Granbelm or Fate Magical Girl edition.

Jul 23, 19 at 2:15pm

starting Enen No Shouboutai and let me just say loving it already

siruja commented on Your Progress
Jul 23, 19 at 11:23pm

the past is like a fire, its nice but it is fuckickin crazy, you get food from iy sp ya

Jul 26, 19 at 6:37am

Classroom of the Elite episode 6

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