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Your Progress

Jul 07, 19 at 4:35am

Whatever Anime/Manga you're watching/reading, just post your current progress
Example: Just Started/Currently Watching "Insert Anime" Episode "_"

Just Started watching Mob Psycho

Jul 07, 19 at 5:10am

good man

Why!? commented on Your Progress
Jul 07, 19 at 5:17am

Started current season

elhaym commented on Your Progress
Jul 07, 19 at 5:18am

All animes?

Onizuka commented on Your Progress
Jul 07, 19 at 6:10am

Re:zero, episode 14.

pana commented on Your Progress
Jul 07, 19 at 12:00pm

So, I actually just started to watch gintama; I am on episode 33 (yes I skipped all the way to the 30s) also on the latest manga chapters of one punch, the gamer, and attack on titan. Damn that ending.

JustABoy commented on Your Progress
Jul 07, 19 at 12:08pm

Just read aot ch 119... Kinda wished another certain guy died/got eaten..


After watching a documentary about stones, I'm going to watch Houseki no Kuni EP1.

Jul 08, 19 at 8:10am

I just finished 通灵妃 this morning and honestly, I really enjoyed it. First anime I've managed to watch fully for a loooong time!

Jul 08, 19 at 8:25am

Currently reading the Akame ga kill manga. Im at chapter 4/5 or so. Something around the terms of like episode 3/4 of the anime.

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