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Vic Mignogna situation


That we can agree on.

Feb 02, 19 at 12:57am

What did he do? Is there any proof? I want to say he's too nice of a person to do any harm, but unfortunately that's exactly what the problem is, if he did. It's the perfect cover.

Feb 02, 19 at 5:07pm

no proof that i know of, but i didnt really do a ton of research on this

i believe the fans because the rumors have persisted for a painfully long time and his fellow va's dont interact with him either

Feb 02, 19 at 8:17pm

I don't have experience about meeting him, he went to conventions in my area but I haven't seen him or heard people say anything about him. The only thing I knew before is just watching videos of his panels on youtube for a whole weekend back in 2011 and he always was super nice in them so it was weird when people said he's a douche, although in retrospect, he had those moments when he needed to say he had haters and they say mean things about him and he explained it from a victim's viewpoint. Not to say he's flat out lying, nothing is 100% sure with anything online, but like, when you're not a witness and someone explains it to you, they can decide to change things to make it look to be in their favor. So his image as a super nice guy that likes his fans has been engraved in my head and I've always seen him as a nice person, hence why it's hard to believe but like honestly I don't actually know much about him especially if he turns out to be a two-faced bastard. It seems just like me, a lot of people have only seen his good side so like I said, he would have the perfect cover.

I did some research, it's a bit long but is much shorter than if you wanted to do research. Nothing is super concrete on him being a creep and it's more or less the same thing. I take note about the "me too" movement but that thing is pretty recent, meanwhile over a hundred people for almost 20 years have talked about how Vic Mignogna has been handsy and somewhat flirtatious even with underaged fans. I think a lot could be made up because they seem hard to believe like something's off about the story, and because people like to hate on other and sometime people make things up out of sheer loathing and like, that's not how you denounce people's actions. Making up lies just makes it harder to believe the truth. Same thing with exaggeration.

Other things I've read is that he's a diva and has a holier than thou attitude, likes to be under the spotlight a lot, acts like a main character when cameras are rolling/fans are looking, etc. He's apparently hard to work with both as a convention guest and as a voice actor. Like the harassment issue, it seems some are made up and some aren't. Examples range from being late to panels and autographs, going to the main room of a convention during another event and take some space to do some church preaching with his fangirls because it was Easter (apparently he would also try to convert people to christianity), or asking con staff (who are most likely volunteers for the event) to buy him food out of their pocket and then complain on the order being wrong (kind of the restaurant's fault tho) and refusing to eat, and then never giving back money he owed to the con staff. He would apparently had taken a bite into a fan's sandwich without consent too, and another fan opened a pack of twizzlers and wanted to share with Vic, but then Vic just took the entire pack and walked away. Some voice actors would have refused to come to certain cons if Vic was also present but I found no proof on that.

Fellow voice actors is something I thought about researching because it seems more concrete and less random anon that could make stuff up. The only things I found is that Greg Ayres don't like him but celebrities not liking each other is nothing extraordinary and I didn't check out why Greg did not like him. The other thing is a twitter from Jamie McGonnigal where he said he's heard rumors and seen his behavior up close. Again it's not concrete but it's more credible that a random anon, also the tweet here:

Other accusations on him is his homophobia which seem to really zigzag because some people bring up things he said and some other people have a different story that contradicts it. He claimed he asked CLAMP if Fai (a guy he voiced in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) was gay and they said no so he tells fans that Fai isn't gay but CLAMP likes having lgbt relationships in their content and Fai seems to be intentionally "gayish" from what I've read. It seems he's just really uncomfortable around the subject of homosexuality, also saying gay relationships can be only sexual, gays shouldn't marry and that he doesn't like yaoi. That last one is the kind of thing that makes accusations seem dumbfounded though.

There's antisemitism too, but the only thing about that is he was in a panel and the doors were opened and a lot of noises from the halls came in and he said "wow what a holocaust outside" or something along those lines. Personally I like dark humor because it's humor, I think people get offended too easily sometime and while being offended is understandable, people need to understand that jokes are jokes and it's not as bad about oven or Auschwitz jokes tbh. Those would be something to refrain from saying because they're much harsher. So imo I find this antisemitism thing to be a bit too much. In later cons he defended himself and said he meant it like "oh such armageddon going on wow" (he didn't say it like that but you get the picture) and you know, that seems sincere and I don't think he had malicious anti-jewish intentions on that statement.

So that's pretty much what I found on him. I don't wanna spread rumors and false gossip, but as previously said, I think a lot is just made up or exaggerated but he's probably an actual creepy dude if people have been denouncing him for decades, like they can't ALL be made up. There is likely some truth somewhere.

Feb 02, 19 at 8:26pm

whoooaaa thats a wall of text xD

i skimmed, and ill mention that the accusations against him started before the me too movement
this has been a looooong time hes been called a perv (reviewed closer what you said and you agreed on that front, so im glad you noticed this too xD)

Feb 02, 19 at 10:54pm

It's my belief that Vic, being a Christian, has a right to not support homosexuality. I don't have any prejudices against it, but he clearly is very strong in his faith and I respect that, being religious myself.

As far as the sexual harassment allegations go, I defer the judgments to the legal system. He's innocent until proven guilty, and unless his alleged victims pursue charges, then I can't say I'm qualified to legally call sexual assault.

I loved his work as Edward Elric. The MeToo movement ruined hollywood, and it's gonna hit the anime industry next. Some of the allegations passed around are surely true in the wider MeToo movement, but as someone who was accused of a false rape accusation when i was 19 (I picked up a hitchhiker who threatened to claim I attacked her unless I gave her money) and had the charges dropped, yet had to leave town due to death threats, the "Believe women" attitude is a dangerous precedent. There's women out there who will ABSOLUTELY try to to use the legal system as a way to beat men into submission.

Feb 02, 19 at 11:08pm

no its not

japan is so fuckign sexist theres no way me too is coming there xD
its an american thing my dude

Feb 03, 19 at 1:29am

Lol sorry about the wall of text ^^'

I loved his performance as Edward too. I can separate the art from the artist. Lots of people hate him because he only has one voice (minus Broly) and I've noticed he sound the same all the time. But his voice work is a completely different subject that his currents issues.

There is also something I forgot, his fanclub, Risembool Rangers. Apparently it's his fanclub but I thought it was just an anime club he managed and used to interact with his fans. Can't know for sure what's going on in there, but I read a lot of ex-members and ex-moderators that said it was very cultish. He tried converting people to his religion and forced them to only watch the english dub of Fullmetal Alchemist. I don't know if he forced the english dub only on FMA or any other anime he did voice work in (Claymore, Code Geass, Fullmetal Panic, Dragon Ball Z, etc.). I almost joined that club back in the day but was too lazy to bother going on their website so it seems I might have dodged a bullet there.

About his religion, I'm fine with people having beliefs but it always bugged me how christians hate on homosexuals like it's always been a thing but I thought God and Jesus said you must love everybody and all that "unconditional love" is the way to go. Is religion a legitimate excuse anyway? Does it excuse bad behavior??

Another rumor I had read is that someone catfished him online as a 16 y/o girl and he gave her his phone number. But it sounds made up because that means you can get screenshots of conversation and use it as evidence. If the person who wrote this was telling the truth, they had no reason to not show everyone the screenshots.

What I'd like is for big names in the industry to speak up. I know he's friend with Steven Blum and made a couple of funny commercials about the Risembool Rangers with him on youtube. I know he's also friend with Travis Willingham, who is also married to Laura Bailey. Caitlin Glass and Christopher Sabat are also not only fellow Funimation voice actors, but voice directors too. He's also friend with Romi Park, the actress doing Edward Elric's voice in the japanese version, and there are several videos of them having fun together. Then there's Greg Ayres that hate him, and there's nothing going on and I'm just speculating, but maybe J. Michael Tatum could have something to say since he's openly gay and could have had a bad experience with him. Of course there are more people working in the industry but those first come to mind imo. Btw if anyone's not into english dubs, those are all big names of very prolific and popular voice actors and actresses.

For now only time will tell since it's current news. Again not wanna spread false accusations and gossiping, like let's not destroy a man's career if he is innocent but again I feel like it can't ALL be made up.

Feb 03, 19 at 2:26am

>japan is so fuckign sexist theres no way me too is coming there

Citation needed.

You can't view East Asia through a western lens of feminism. To try and bridge the two in that manner is too dififcukt.

> Is religion a legitimate excuse anyway?

Thought policing does nobody any good

As a religious person, my gods have some morals and beliefs humans may see as obtuse. I question them, but I don't disrespect their wishes. There's a huge difference. That being said, I don't like the Christian stance on homosexuality, but I wouldn't want to restrict their right to that.

Feb 03, 19 at 4:45am

Fair, thought policing wasn't in my intention so sorry about that. I'm confused about the gay hating in general because like, if God and Jesus says to love everyone, then why are homosexuals out of that "everyone"? I know lots of christians aren't against them though, and some people are both ^^

Going back on Mignogna, I think it's alright if he's uncomfortable around them. Being uncomfortable doesn't mean he's treating them poorly or insulting them. Being against gay marriage is fine too imo, I mean, he has the right to think that, it's not like he's openly fighting against their right for marriage or telling gay couples they should burn in hell. Saying gay relationship can only be sexual, I could say he's wrong but he can believe what he wants to believe. He's not stopping anyone from loving their significant other. Obviously we're not sure if all that is 100% true but even if it was, there is a degree in which having beliefs is fine and a degree where taking beliefs into action and promoting hate speech is another.

I think people make a big fuss over this, it's not really offensive. As a bisexual I don't feel the least bit threatened by someone thinking I shouldn't be able to marry or insinuating I can't possibly be with a guy for any other reason than sex. It's like, so what? I'd encourage people to just ignore it and continue living their life happily if it's not offensive.

Part of the homophobia people have against him is also based around not signing yaoi art. I think you should just sign whatever your fans bring you to make them happy, although that part is his decision alone. Meanwhile, I wouldn't surprised with all the "crazy yaoi fangirls hype" from the 2000s era that he was asked to sign sexually explicit fanart at least once. I never found anything about what exactly he refused to sign, and never how many things he refused to sign. That's one part that could be exaggerated to make him look worst. Making stuff up is not ok, let's accuse people only of the things they actually did.

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