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Vic Mignogna situation

Feb 01, 19 at 4:11pm

ok i dont know if you want to use bill cosby as an example of false rape accusations

alright, what cosplayer or person accused vic of misconduct

its been a floating rumor for years now so surely if people want to gain notoriety from it you could give me a list of names


literally even lost paws covered it and he even put in death of how many people have been going around doing this this month right now alone and for your information I'm putting Bill Cosby into this because the fact that this whole me-too movement has been going around lately and it's been happening more and more with the fact that this generation is becoming so soft. And that's why I said the social justice warriors would literally throw things out of exaggeration and this is one of those things.


It's like this lamby if you gave me a hug today and I told everybody that you sexually assaulted me how would you feel about that and then I continuously told everybody about this than other people started doing it how would you feel? Yeah because you wouldn't have anyone to back it up if I said that I saw it because nobody has the answers to it besides the people that spoke up as there were no pictures or information showing that he did something 2 miners because if he did do it then I will say that I was wrong but until then I'm going to stand by the people that I believe are innocent until proven guilty. That's the way that life works.

Feb 01, 19 at 4:45pm

buta when i looked this up the sexual harassment i saw was theyd ask for a hug for a photo and hed kiss their cheeks without consent

so ill ask again

if these people are seeking attention and not just telling their stories anonymously, show me the names of some of the victims, and link their social media
otherwise the cover of "they wanted attention" means nothing

in the end neither of us know what happened with vic and some of the fans
but what we can do is look at the evidence presented i believe that there's no reason to doubt the claims of the fans, specially with how numerous they are, the length of time this rumor has persisted, and the fact that the other va's wont associate with him

is there some big conspiracy that the con goers have going that include the other va's of pinning specifically vic on sexual harassment to ruin him, or is it more likely hes just an inappropriate dude at times
(ill also add i believe i heard a story that he was drunk at a panel, but i can not confirm this)

also, its thanks to the me too movement that some disgusting and harmful people have been shamed/arrested/or faced to step down from there positions of power. its like when men say that being accused of rape is as bad as being raped.
the outrage culture is nothing new
sjw's are nothing new
and in small doses sjw's are important for calling out these injustices

does it go too far? yeah i think the dude on the guardians of the galaxy being let go for some jokes in the past is fuckign stupid
specially since he apologized
but an excess or extreme of anything is bad, not just sjw culture

but the me too movement has done a lot of good for men and women alike

Feb 01, 19 at 4:56pm

and also, why even include momokun in this discussion?

she was accused of sexually harassing other cosplayers and then was filmed sexually harassing a male con goer, proving she was being predator and the girls were not lying

so this doesnt really help your case either


It actually did because I'm separating the people who do it in the people that don't because I also added the sexual assault that was done to Enzo Amore if you actually want to start looking up cases then I would suggest looking up that one too but I'm not trying to do all that because if you want to go knowledge for knowledge or facts for fact then let's do that as I feel right now that if he did do it then he did it and he should be scolded and treated the way he is right now but if he didn't then that's fucked up. And even talking about the fact that he was drunk at a panel and you said you heard that's the thing you heard you weren't there and the people that were there say a different story and say that he does not cause any problem towards anybody it's like asking to see Santa Claus and Santa Claus gives a kid a hug and a kiss. Like seriously it's not a big problem because it's somebody said oh I don't like this or something like that and told him then he would have apologized but people nowadays would hold it against somebody until the time is right. because this is the problem with this era nowadays you're saying the me-too movement is doing good when people literally find out that they were literally lying about the fact that they were sexually assaulted or sexually abused when nothing happened to them because sometimes it's the right thing to do and then there is the time when people are literally being a piece of shit person just to fit in with the crowd or the latest trend. And that's the truth of the situation as I brought this up honestly and carefully. There's also anti-fans if you haven't heard of that either as there are fans that would love to make someone's career a living hell as they would feed off of the smallest thing and make it even bigger than it is....I'm sorry if I sound like I am jumping you or taking my anger out on you but it's just the truth of the situation that I know so far and no by the fact that the people that have informed me of what is going on.


And I'm trying my best to keep my composure in order so all I'm saying is we don't know what is going on if he is guilty or Innocent but if you want to be one of those people that just believe what everybody else tells you without actually having the facts on the table then you're no better than those scumbag assholes that would literally be told that that's chocolate on the ground when it's actually full on shit.

Feb 01, 19 at 5:25pm

im not really interested in this enzo dude cause i have no idea who he is, if you want to clarify who he is and his relevance that would be helpful

i wish you would add spaces in your comment, the jumble of words really strains my eyes xD

again, i said i can't find the source as i heard it in a video ages ago and mentioned i couldn't confirm it. it was simply an offhand remark, which is why i had it in parentheses.

i would have to say a strange man dressed as santa who works at the mall kissing and hugging my child no matter the context would upset me greatly xD thats weird and unnecessary.

having a guy make unwanted remarks or behaviors is harassment. im sorry if you dont agree with the text book definition but thats what it is. vic is in a place of power over his fans, he is a celebrity and hes allegedly taking advantage of that power, touching his often times young fans and kissing them without permission.

i dont care if its simply a tiny peck on the cheek, if that contact is unwanted then that is harassment
should he be sent to the sun to be purged of his sins in the holy fire of the sun god? no, of course not. should he be banned from certain cons? well if the con organizer decides to protect potential underage goers from the possibility of becoming uncomfortable and not enjoying their time, its fully within his rights and in my opinion fully justified.

just because you deem a kiss on the cheek and unwanted comments "not a big problem" does not mean that is that way for the rest of the people

in the end the evidence presents weighs in the favor of the fans

im not gonna argue the importance of the me too movement because i dont expect to change your opinion, and i dont feel like arguing to that extent


Yeah because really all I'm trying to do is say my peace and not try to do all of this because it's right now kind of pointless to talk with you about it and arguing is not going to get anyone know where. Because if I was younger I would have full-on agreed with you and started flaming up a torch saying he was wrong he was wrong but I saw where you try to throw a curveball in there and I'm not about that. You feel that the fans are telling the truth but with me I don't believe either side because they're either innocent or guilty and so far it seems like even people that heard it from somebody else or even say that they saw it but never took a picture of it make it seem like it is more than it is. it's not like he's going up to people and kissing them on the cheek or going up to a child and kissing them on the cheek without even any type of permission or concern as you can even go on YouTube or go on Twitter or Instagram or even read it and find out this information but that's your business at this point because I don't want to have to argue with someone that doesn't really want to listen it's your own a business what you want to believe.

Feb 01, 19 at 5:46pm

yeah thats fair enough man

neither of us know for sure so we could both be right and both be wrong

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