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Vic Mignogna situation


I know that last time I talked about a situation like this when it came to the industry of anime or just cosplaying I talked about Mariah AKA Momokun who sexually assaulted cosplayers at conventions....but this time I feel like it might not be the case with this one as it seems like with Fame there's always going to be those people that are trying to bring someone down as many people have been going through this as of years and Vic (the voice actor of many anime but it is very known for his voice acting of Edward elric from Fullmetal alchemist) has been told by his anti fans of being homophobic and also someone that sexually assaults people in public. Seriously it feels like with this era it's almost said where anything is able to trigger someone and it seems like the SJWS or just fueling the fire of the situation. I'm really sorry if it's not a good topic to bring up but I feel like it needs to be brought to light where we need to talk about it. it seems like too many good voice actors are being told of doing things or saying something that got totally put out of content or someone trying to pull a Michael Jackson case where someone writes fanfiction and tries to make it seem like it really happened. what do you think of this situation and if you have met Vic what was your impression on him?

Feb 01, 19 at 11:03am

yeah momokun admitted to doing it for attention, shes really a sad person

and eds just a perv who wants to abuse his fans

never met either of them but the momokun situation was on tape and the other sexual harassment cases were infront of a lot of people
the vic thing i dont doubt either, why would the fans lie?

not sure what this has to do with sjw culture, if not making it more valid

just comes down to famous people just being people
flawed and broken like the rest of us, only theyr in the public eye so its more blatant

Ed~ commented on Vic Mignogna situation
Feb 01, 19 at 11:07am
This account has been suspended.
Feb 01, 19 at 11:08am

kek my bad


but when it comes to the fans I see that happening because literally some fans would love to do things like that and sjws has a reputation for jumping at the bit on people and making it seem known when it's not always correct. Seriously I hate the fact that this is going on right now and with the MomoCon situation she literally is toxic in her own right which isn't good plus the fact that we have snow a cosplayer that is transsexual that went to a graveyard and pulled some Logan Paul bullshit. But with Vic it kind of seems kind of vivid that he would do something like that in the public eye if I may add because people are not saying that he kiss someone in the lips or hug somebody as they're making it seem like he fucks some child in appropriately or touched a child inappropriately without their consent when most of the time it was consensual. Like all of this started from 2007.


Maybe people are just down right perverted or it could all just be a desperate cry for attention. Bad publicity is still publicity and the fact that they can get people to talk about them is what they want. It is sad that this kind of stuff happens and people should respect boundaries but that isn’t always the case.


Yeah because multiple people have met him in person and dad doesn't happen to them as people ask for it to happen and I'm not talking about sexual stuff I'm talking about him giving them a hug or giving them a handshake or taking pictures with like people ask for it and he does not do any sexual stuff at all either. and when people ask to even sit on his lap he will say know about it and the social justice warriors are just literally trying to make it look like he is a bad person and either way he's going to look like the bad guy in the situation because of how things work now. you can stay silent and be told that you don't have respect for anyone or you could apologize and people still look at you as the bad guy.

Feb 01, 19 at 12:24pm

what would they have to gain from lying about sexual harassment and racial remarks?
sexual harassment and predatory behavior is rampant at cons and cosplay community

is it so much of a leap in logic that vic would also engage in this? he frequents many cons and is in a place of power over fans
who has accused him of sexual harassment over handshakes and hugs lol?

do you really believe every one of the accusers are lying? what do they have to gain from lying over it? why single vic out?

not to mention these allegations are nothing new. this has been said for a long time about him


tell that to the folks Bill Cosby victims and also the people that jumped into conflict saying that they was put through something and also look at even Enzo Amore trial and then talk to me about who does what because everybody has those times where they say they're innocent until proven guilty and then there are the innocent that didn't do shit and then be called guilty because of somebody that wanted to start shit for no apparent reason.


What they can gain from that is trying to keep a cosplayer that is popular and relevant off there TV because some people unlike yourself knows what assault is in some do not know the difference between the two.... Just like the Michael Jackson trial. seriously if you look at the people that say oh he sexually assaulted someone and saw it it's like saying oh I saw somebody kiss me on the cheek and that's counts of sexual assault like seriously we can even talk about candy and then people are going to say is the razor blades in that candy? seriously you should open your eyes and see what is going on in the world as I do believe that he might have done something that made people feel uncomfortable but I don't believe that it is a full-on so it's only his fault because some people think that just because some people are young is a 1 angle affair.

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