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Vic Mignogna situation


Thank you for your input

Feb 04, 19 at 11:17pm

I'm basically lurking his PULL thread (it has almost 600 posts as of now) at this point because they make all the research in my place:

I put page 38 on the link because 40 pages is long and page 38 has a lot of voice actors speaking out against him. Imo this seals the deal for me. These aren't random people making things up. Those are professional who worked alongside him, they're not haters or morons that likes to hurt others by spreading lies (actually Vic's words). Some people on twitter are saying voice actors are just trying to kick him out of the industry to get more job opportunities but imo I don't think spreading rumors and risking their reputation is worth "maybe" getting some of his voice roles. Especially if you're Monica Rial and you'd probably never get hired to do male characters (except children I guess).


Thank you very much

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