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One Piece Fandom (Anime Only)

Mar 03, 19 at 3:48pm

Yeah I would imagine you will be done in 2 weeks so check back in with your progress

jessic @jessic commented on One Piece Fandom (Anime Only)
jessic @jessic
Sep 27, 19 at 2:30pm

I wonder how far @alureon got o.o ...


I found my home.

Hello, if any One Piece fans are still here. Wano is not looking very bad in anime form. Here's to hoping for that same level of excitement as Whole Cake Island.


*walks in* "Anime Only" *walks out*


Oh I know. I enjoy both the anime and manga, but will keep this subject anime only.

Shame regarding the current delay, things were getting so good lately.


to be honest i havent read barely any of the manga even though i REALLY want to

i stopped watching the anime when toonami shut down

need to get back into the manga though

can i ask? is the point even finding the grand line anymore? wasnt that the goal xD? and wasnt the map really not that far xD?


a thread for my people :D


Without going into spoiler territory, the main goal is being Pirate King. To do that, you would have to travel the globe and take over territory, something the current Four Yonkou had done already (Shanks included).

Of course the journey is long when the Strawhats start facing foes who are too strong for them and would have to train harder if they will survive in the New World, where all the stronger pirates are.

What was the last arc you've seen? I could suggest a good starting point.


who is your guyses favorite straw hat?

mine is Robin dere shi shi shi >-<


oohh i see, sorry its been awhile xD thanks for the clarity!

oof that was ages ago

i cant really remember but if you watched the dubbed version it was a little after they changed the voice actors to the dbz cast

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