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One Piece Fandom (Anime Only)


Brook hands down. The Soul King is great with music, skull jokes, and being brave. He just needs more fights, Whole Cake gave him some justice.

@Lamby Sounds like you were last at Skypeia. Toonami did pick up One Piece to finish that arc, Davy Back, Water 7, and Thriller Park. Sadly, Toonami dropped it again because of low ratings. Maybe they should have just started with Impel Down or Marineford, which would have gotten better views.

My rambling aside, I would say start again at Skypeia (Which comes in two parts, the Jaya Arc and Sky Island Arc). Chapter 218 if you want to start from the manga or Episode 144 if you would like to start from the anime.


I agree brook is top 3 but only because me and my friends call him bone daddy XD


Brook would make a nice dad now that you mention it.

All the soothing musical songs you can listen to for free. He has the voice of an angel for someone dead. Yohohohoho!


Not sure if double posting is against the rules, but I will say this. While the anime is on hiatus (Because God knows when Toei will be ready to continue the rest of Wano), some should use the time to try catching up with the manga.

Reading chapters shouldn't take long, I managed to go through Thriller Bark in a few days with ease. That one being a decent sized arc compared to how short some like Zou and Baratie was.

Some sites like MangaPlus should have all of it, as that is an official Jump site after all.



Meanwhile, so yeah. The manga will have more breaks than ever due to Covid 19. Not really surprised.

The anime while paused for now may somehow start airing again soon.

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