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One Piece Fandom (Anime Only)


HIA everyone! This little section here is for the people that love the anime One Piece! Nobody on this site doesn't really seem to be interested in this show other than me so I decided to see if I can get people to join this small group!


One Piece is probably my favorite anime of all time. There's a reason it's considered one of the kings of shonen anime.

Nov 23, 18 at 8:57am

I like it too.


Welcome friends! What are Y'alls favorite character?

all_mightu @all_mightu commented on One Piece Fandom (Anime Only)
all_mightu @all_mightu
Feb 26, 19 at 11:26pm

In one piece its hard to have a favorite character lol

judgmentoftherain @judgmentoftherain commented on One Piece Fandom (Anime Only)
judgmentoftherain @judgmentoftherain
Feb 27, 19 at 1:01am
This account has been suspended.

My favorite series of all time, I'm all caught up in the anime, manga too!


More of a naruto fan but I appreciate the character designs, the epsiodes are just too many kinda hard to get into now.

Feb 27, 19 at 6:54am


You have a lot of episodes to marathon.


I Love One Piece...always wating for Sunday for new Ep <3 ...
Longer it last ..better it gets...
at the same time..Art style now is <3 ... + all recent Katakuri fights <3
..... *fuck* [realisation]...
I am getting so hyped about OP, one of my Fav...always make me smile :)

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