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One Piece Fandom (Anime Only)


Lose fight, Win fight thing was pissing me off too ... Like have some finesse Oda! Sometimes dough it might be my wishfull thinking that Oda.. making those lose then win scenarios ..to get us used to it ... and when it realy matters he will make change...and we all will be like WOOOOO ....
but I know is more of my wishfull thinking....

...but at the same time... Usop...was called a lair ... but now he kindof becomed the hero form his lies..form beggining of the One Piece... do u guys recall that? I hope OP will have more deep stuff like that ...

Regarding quality.. I mean drawing improved ... watch old eps...an new eps .. like all mama arc ...

Feb 28, 19 at 7:32pm

All of ussops lies come
True it’s great I’m waiting for him and his 8000 followers ( grand fleet ) to do battle

Feb 28, 19 at 7:47pm

Best Anime to die with!


X2 Kingaj!

p.s. regarding brook and his qoute xD

Mar 01, 19 at 8:49pm

Oh yeah even asked the young lady big mom


Whoever has the water fruit should potentially be one of the strongest characters in one piece or weather abilities. That's kind of what I'm guessing that Dragon has. Maybe wind.

Mar 02, 19 at 12:47pm

if it is a wind power wouldn’t it need to be just able to produce and control wind if he was a logia you’d think he be invisible since you can’t see wind


Is hard to say what the strongest fruit would be... I mean there is so much to how user will use the fruit... etc
Let say fruit is not as strong but person X will use 300% out of that fruit, when other one have strong fruit but only use 'basic attack' ...
So hard to say <_<

For exmaple Katakuri is paramecia fruit, but way he combined with haki it looks more like logia fruit :D <3

On another note... new EP is out.. and I am going to watch it now *_*
*preping food & snacks*


I JUST started watching one piece. Episode 7/874+

Mar 03, 19 at 10:28am

nice, you'll have an awesome journey.

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