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Happy Sugar Life

Sep 11, 18 at 2:18am

I think this Anime has too fucked up characters for the little and dull action it shows. Not my favorite, in fact I was disappointed that there wasn't enough explicit gore or actual heavy traumatic experiences for these characters. The show is cute and I will keep watching but honestly, last episode was trash, who dies like that anyway? I'm waiting for both of them to commit suicide in the end.

Lamby commented on Happy Sugar Life
Sep 11, 18 at 2:21am

always stick with the manga *nod nod* anime never gets it right all the way

Lamby commented on Happy Sugar Life
Sep 11, 18 at 2:22am

*epic movie promo voice*
In a word, where everyone is a yandere.....

Sep 11, 18 at 6:07am

@Maria, Happy Sugar Life takes the alternative approach of building up to more and more shock with suspense and atmosphere. If you just want blatant brutality in a moe anime from the start, go watch Mahou Shoujo Site (or Euphoria, haha!) I like the more suspenseful atmospheric feel of Happy Sugar Life. It's a nice change of pace.

Lamby commented on Happy Sugar Life
Sep 11, 18 at 6:50am

ok lemme clarify

this is not a moe

its a shoujo, not moe

all i wanted to say

Lamby commented on Happy Sugar Life
Sep 11, 18 at 6:52am


mahou shoujo site is so good, the anime is like 1% of the manga

kinda reminds me of puella magi, how the art is so much better in the manga

Lamby commented on Happy Sugar Life
Sep 11, 18 at 7:16am

i think the major problem with the manga is that satou doesnt have a very good reason to do what she does

with yanderes it usually is justified/clarified that they are the way they are do to past abuse (Yuno, Mai, and even Matsuboshi)

but satou doesnt really have that
her past wasn't really abusive per say
just neglectful at best

no real sympathy for her or her actions
and if you just want the "well shes nuts" then dont add the abusive aspect to try and take blame away from her acts

dont half ass it

go in all the way or dont at all

this is the manga critic, signing out

Fanimus commented on Happy Sugar Life
Sep 11, 18 at 8:54pm

I gotta say this is probably the most SFW Yandere anime I have ever seen.

I mean the worst you get is implications and creepy imaging.

Sep 12, 18 at 3:10am

I hate satou now... I still find her interesting but I hope she fails....
That anime has a really good way of making you feel things...
The author is intentionally trying to get you to hate the MC and with the latest episode
They pulled some techniques xd
Now you should've been okie if you saw it coming tbh
But it still hurt a Lil
Song didn't help...

Sep 12, 18 at 5:25am

I think the anime is good for what is it. I agree that the show does pretty well to achieve that manipulation on the audience. You can go through a rollercoaster of feelings. Most of the characters are pretty out there. Still, I like it because it's not often we get a yandere anime. The last episode has been foreshadowed quite a bit in my opinion. It was only a matter of when so I think the new one coming out this week will be exciting. xD


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