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Happy Sugar Life

Ryushika The Trap commented on Happy Sugar Life
Ryushika The Trap
Sep 08, 18 at 4:25pm

episode 9 i also just watched, HOLY SHITTTTT that stuff at the end was nutso

loved it

Sep 09, 18 at 12:36am

<3 This weeks episode was amazing as usual. Yes, a bit dark but I say it was sort of called for >w>); Take that what you will but I adored it. PROGRESS ONWARDS!

Sep 09, 18 at 7:45am

A friend in need's a friend indeed,
A friend with weed is better,
A friend with breasts and all the rest,
A friend who's dressed in leather,
A friend who's throat I slit is the only friend I'll ever need...

(Happy Sugar Life version of Placebo "Pure Morning") Ha!

Sep 09, 18 at 1:42pm

LOL Dark. I like it. :]


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss this a moe psychological tragedy? count me in

Sep 09, 18 at 11:57pm

That's right~ Enter the SWEET SWEET LAIR <3 Fall captivated by a yandere ;3

Sep 10, 18 at 2:23am

I just saw the first episode and... MY GOD. Really interesting, thumbs up, 10/10, will keep watching, recommending this

Sep 10, 18 at 1:17pm

I'm telling y'all <3 It will keep you pulling at for more! The characters are all insane!!!! I can't wait for the new episode!!! >w<)/


just started reading
id kill for shio-tan too
shes too cute

Sep 11, 18 at 1:24am

Shio is best girl <3

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