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michaeledmunds left a comment for waterlily_ann
Dec 06, 18 at 5:13am

So, glasses turn you on, do they? ;)

Neverland left a comment for waterlily_ann
Nov 25, 18 at 1:44am

Do you collect dolls? o.O Just curious. Also what kind of job do you have that makes you so busy? I'm afraid I'll be just as busy once I am a career man ~___~.

Nov 08, 18 at 1:34pm

greetings hooman

Oct 15, 18 at 3:32pm

incase ur interested I made a AMA (ask me anything) and im trying to start up a trend.

i figured since ya have been here for a bit it would work to advertise the idea around your friends list as well as giving ya the idea to maybe do one yourself.

Oct 14, 18 at 6:20am

Ohayou minna-san~ I hope everyone has a fun and wonderful thigh high sunday~ <3 Be safe and make the weekend last :3 After today, I wanted to let my peepz know that I have been fine although I have been busy. I will be going to work with long shifts with only one day off each week for about a month. So, feel free to message and stuff still. If anyone ever has a problem or issue going on, just contact me and ask for my discord or whatnot. I may take some time to reply but I'll get there. I hope everyone has an amazing finish to October and have a Happy Halloween! I appreciate and am proud of you all. Life is difficult at times but if you're still breathing and kicking then you're doing great. Even if you don't think you're that awesome or whatever flaw that's distracting you from seeing the awesomeness, I say to work on yourself because you are awesome and irreplaceable. I will come back around mid-November so please take of yourself everyone! ^^)/ Ta-ta for now~

I will still try to log on when I can so I hope it won't be too rough @w@)/ Ok, Take Care. Ja-Ne~~~

無名 left a comment for waterlily_ann
Oct 12, 18 at 5:33pm

Baka left a comment for waterlily_ann
Oct 11, 18 at 6:02am

A Bad Bitch Witch and a Sassy Gay Black Warlock set off on a quest together... I’d watch a show about that tbh. Latest episode was cool af. Hell seems terrible I wouldn’t wanna cut a frog forever..

waterlily_ann I know. >w< It sucks im gna be gone with work. Merp! enjoy the episodes. Im gna find a way to watch them still =w=); I need my fix!
Baka YOU BETTER BE CAUGHT UP ON YOUR RETURN, Join Mikan n me in talks!
無名 left a comment for waterlily_ann
Oct 10, 18 at 5:05pm

無名 left a comment for waterlily_ann
Oct 10, 18 at 4:59pm

無名 left a comment for waterlily_ann
Oct 10, 18 at 3:37am

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