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41 year old Male
Last online 3 months ago
brookings, OR
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cyber punk 2077 its the fem main chr
Jin @jin67 left a comment for mirai
Oct 02, 22 at 9:44am
Hello, nice pfp! Is that from an anime?
kagome868 @kagome868 left a comment for foxfire1337
Sep 04, 22 at 8:12pm
Inuyasha is my first anime as a kid so will always have a special place for it... Never saw Tenchi.
i live in or now xD
Jun 07, 21 at 2:50am
hi im from cali to lets be friends i love your pic its well drawn im not sure where that is from but i like the hearts to very cute lets chit chat tho id pref pm's it helps me keep what im talking about strait as i got a bit of brain dmg ;/ cancer ya know. anywho hit me up if u feel im worth a chat , i wont ask for pics i wont send nudes i wont be rude and im prolly the most chill perrson u can ever meet . that said i am single and looking tho its cool we just friends to (i have discord)
@projectotakux commen sense should tell you MEN pretending to be girls,sometimes adult women. idc what you are in your home or "how u feel" on the inside contrary to the crap in the media there are only 2 sex's im only interested in 1 so i wish the other would leave me alone in the pm's no matter how hard u may wish, u cannot change biology it might get me banned but idc. facts are facts and remember you ask. i have 0 issues with gays trans or w/e if they got respect and get no means no not "im whatever phobic" also if i ask if your F or M im not talking about how u "Feel" on the inside just what parts u were made with originally. i got a right to like what i like i dont feel like having crap forced on me.
nobody ever gets takes the time to get to know me, they just look at me and run off another direction or because im always very nice i get told "im to good to be true" or"you must want something" arrgh so annoying i also tend to get along with girls younger than me who dont like older ppl so thats rough ppl my age or near it suck. 0 fun 0 open mindedness dont like cartoons or games or anime for most parts its why i came here. but even here actual girls are afk or gone boys acting as girls are still guys and ppl under 18 i dont wanna go to jail stop sending weird msgs thats my experiences