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40 year old Male
Last online about 1 month ago
hanford, CA
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Poppychan @mimiruuu54 left a comment for foxfire1337
Sep 19, 20 at 1:23am

Sure if your still interested :)

samipon87 @samipon87 left a comment for foxfire1337
Jul 25, 20 at 4:06am

Hello. Sure, drop a message anytime~

flaudi @flaudi left a comment for foxfire1337
Jul 24, 20 at 3:37pm

Hello to you from Russia, haha :D


I see that isnt bad though I'm sorry to hear about your disability:(. You got anyone helping you?


not to bad, i hate lock down i can't go anywhere do to asthma issues. only places i have recently went is to pick up my neices and nephews yesterday home depot and then tomorrow Kroger to get more meats. other then that haven't been out. I really hate wearing a face mask.

annastripe @annastripe left a comment for foxfire1337
Feb 13, 20 at 6:51pm

not that bad tbh


many years ago i was being "weird" i might talk funny or say nasty things. do weird or bad things my ex wife to be got tired of it cleaned my bank account and left me (no fault or guilt given)
welp turns out i had brain cancer and the pressure and the flow of blood made me not me. even if for only a short time 15 year or so later i still love her more than life itself, but knowing i disappointed her hurts me. now i have cancer again and other health issues and i have no fear of death i just hope she get some joy out of if that sounds weird i donno im pretty d**n loyal. i love her still so much that yes id die to make her happy. not like i have the best past and im ugly to boot.

so i have not dated in a very long time just a lonly dude that wants to chat and anime and all i get from here are 3 letter replys or 1 letter replys at best i write a good sentence and get " hi " over and over and OVER its so darn annoying

so any girl over 18 wanna talk to a guy that does not wanna treat u like a sex object and actually enjoys your company hmu. if not sorry to waste your time .. would like to veg in bed watching anime w u or game talk text w/e just friends is cool more MIGHT be possible but i have like 0 self esteem after being treated like less than trash most of the time. im a homebody i dont like to go out really so pref same type of girl (health issues again mostly)

so yes im a dude yes i like cute things NO im not gay ya im single im otaku deal with it. id rather cuddle a girl and watch anime than anything else in the world i have bad past we all have things in the past its not who i am and i have a good reason why. not sure if anybody ever passed out but x10 that i mean your brain is fragile but nobody ever cuts me slack on anything. ;/

Aug 15, 19 at 10:56pm

Cool! Thanks!!


And thanks for the freind request.


Lol right now. I am watching the ceiling.