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What's the hardest part about dating YOU?

What about you is the more difficult/challenging aspect of being in a relationship? Are you a bit too distant or too clingy? Do you end up getting too fickle and lose interest fast? Are you boring? Are your standards very high? Do you lack the initiative to make things romantic/sexual? Do you find yourself getting too quiet and shy? Or maybe you are too overbearing? And for bonus points, what have you done or are you doing in order to fix or work on these things if anything?
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Probably my social anxiety. Once people manage to get past existing walls I'm generally fine though.
@BurningHalo I questioned this, when I was planning to clone my own AI. ---Difficulty--- Easy-Normal. ---Clinginess Level-- Easy, I hate to be a bother to someone. Especially if it's me, I like a lot of time for me. I also like to hangout when there is a activity for two. Which is quite moderate. AI Modifications: None. ---Interest Level--- Easy-Normal, I usually find myself interesting. If I had a clone, I can easily bounce around conversations with myself. Bring something new to the table. We also understand ourselves more in depth. There will be moments since were cloned AIs, that we might cross paths on the same subject and go "yeah I know". AI Modifications: How I would handle this is to modify my AI's personality interests by a mere 15%. So we can enjoy different interests together, keeps things going at a different pace. ---Sexual Interests--- Normal-Hard. I find myself attractive, but I don't go around wanking off to a mirror. It'll also be a struggle for who'll be going on top, because I'm no bottom. My AI clone will feel the same way, although we can easily compromise. AI Modifications: I'll program some submissiveness and feminine traits. I'll also place the AI program into a modified female chassis, so we can look like polar opposites. To prevent mirror faping. ---Last Notes--- I'm generally fine dating a almost identical copy. It just requires a few tweaks here and there. AI Waifu's Outcome: https://data.whicdn.com/images/165604866/original.gif >Bashful_Hubris: Was actually crazy enough, to prematurely thought this through before the topic.
Everyone's Reaction: https://youtu.be/sGtY1aPrOMQ
Probably my work schedule is the biggest thing, I'm never online to talk really. I don't think I'm picky, I give almost anyone a chance, but I usually lose interest if I'm putting more effort in than the other person.
When talking to people I'm not familiar with I prefer mind-to-mind conversations/random jokes/questions rather than heart-to-heart conversations in the first place <I'm "afraid" of strangers subconsciously..Trusting and opening up to wrong people consumes my mental energy>...Secondly, my responses can be slow, people's patience may run out before I respond back again. Thirdly,I'm detached and emotionally conservative to most people, I like discussing those seemingly deep topics like faith/science/history/historical figures/linguistics. As a result, though I have been regarded to be a good conversationalist and tons of people want to join my circles, I don't have so many confidants. I do watch tons of anime and collect cute things... I said Yes to that person, because I appreciate his "Zen",tolerating my absence and being able to respond to my messages
Also I don't show my whole face to people when requested unless I'm sure they are nice and kind;I'm afraid of "transference",I can be a good listener and give good advice, people getting attached to me quickly makes me feel awkward and worried, according to my experience, those "friendships" in the end =nothing, and both parties would feel bad.A secret: though those people disappeared quickly, I watch them and wish them a peaceful mind.
Mental health and substance abuse. Make's it hard to function let alone treat another human being the way that they deserve to be treated.
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