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Happy Sugar Life

Aug 22, 18 at 4:45am

Has anyone actually been keeping up with this anime? Thoughts? I, personally, LOVE CRAZY BISHES. xD

Lynes commented on Happy Sugar Life
Aug 22, 18 at 5:04am

How is it?/ how do you like it so far? I am not really good with the horror genre, but if it isn't too much, I think I am okay with it. :) I haven't watched it yet, but I can come back to it after watching it~

Aug 22, 18 at 5:06am

I think it is pretty good but I believe I'm biased with loving the horror/thriller genre. I personally love it because the main girl is nuts. There are still some unanswered questions, as it is only half done and you start noticing a certain pattern with the characters. Regardless, I would still recommend for people to watch it because it is enjoyable. I do not think it is too much but what is too much for you?

Lynes commented on Happy Sugar Life
Aug 22, 18 at 5:15am

My too much would be like Higurashi and the ending of an anime called School days that shows lots of blood and really violent acts towards another character. I am still okay with watching it, but I am not really fond of those kind of things. I'll try it and thanks! I'll give it a go and let you know how I like it.

Aug 22, 18 at 5:16am

Sweet, it does have gore but I think compared to direct gore, I think there is more aftermath shown than during. :D Yeah, definitely let me know!

Aug 22, 18 at 5:37am

Wuuuut i didn't know they made an anime adaptation o.o i have only been reading the manga and it's gooood ^-^

Aug 22, 18 at 5:39am



But, YES, they are halfway through right now! GO WATCH IT! I'll have to go read the manga myself XD How far is the manga?

Aug 22, 18 at 7:25am

hmmmm the manga (at least the translated version i read, maybe the raw is further ahead) is now at volume 7, chpt 37 and well i don't want to spoil anything but let's just say that it's getting real lovey-dovey ^-^

Ryushika The Trap commented on Happy Sugar Life
Ryushika The Trap
Aug 22, 18 at 8:13am

this is my favorite anime this season

PM commented on Happy Sugar Life
Aug 22, 18 at 8:50am

One of the better anime this season. Though some parts feel fucked up for the sake of fucked rather than narrative aspects

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