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What anime encouraged you to do something?


Utena Tenjou - Revolutionary girl! I learned that girls can be as powerful as men, and we don't need to be always protected. Utena encouraged me to be more brave and independent. I love her!


Welcome to the NHK encouraged me not to be as much of a shut in. For a while...

Nov 11, 18 at 3:29pm

Gurren Lagann is pretty much the perfect example of an anime to get you fired up and feel motivated to improve yourself!


Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Strangely enough, it was the one series that pushed me to take a career in the writing and drawing area. Also, it re-opened my fondness for literature <3


Slayers inspired me to find a deeper meaning to life. You know like that boring philosophy stuff lol.

Laughing Fox commented on What anime encouraged you to do something?
Laughing Fox
Nov 19, 18 at 4:41pm

Off the top of my head...(I saw these super young).

Dragonball Z taught me that if you train hard enough you can accomplish your true potential and strength maybe exceed it...

Initial D taught me that you can set a goal and really go for is nothing without your Project D

Yu Yu Hakusho taught me about overcoming obstacles and self discovery and also helped me accept my own true nature.

Rurouni Kenshin taught me that you can come back from a horrible past of pain and still achieve some semblance of happiness and not be controlled by it and standing with true conviction.

These are all very close and personal to me- also I firmly believe Hentai helped me discover myself in the sexual arena.

Who said you couldn't learn anything from anime?!


Hajime no Ippo encouraged me to hit the gym and find the drive to never give up.

Nov 26, 18 at 12:37am

Fate Apocrypha, specifically Astolfo. The way he did things because he felt they were right, and not because he was told to was really inspiring for me.


Gourmet Girl Graffiti encouraged me to cool it with my temper.
TTGL encouraged me to give it my all.
There were others, but honestly, if I need a good inspiration I normally go with TTGL.


Anime has encouraged me to beat my meat aggressively 3 times a day NO CAP NIGGA!

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