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What anime encouraged you to do something?


Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) and Sena (Eyeshield 21) encouraged me to get in shape. I litteraly lost 100 pounds over 2 years while watching these anime. I still remember all the jogging with the operation/ending of Eyeshield 21! Sugoiii


Naruto hands signs
I still don't regret it


Soul Eater made me start learning japanese.
I just wanted to find by myself if Crona is a boy or a girl. What I found? Gender: Child?


Although not the primary reason, Welcome to the NHK made me think quite hard about life, and what I wanted to make of myself. Combined with my Dad's constant nagging, I began to send out a bunch of job applications and figuring out what I want to do in college, else I get too comfortable doing nothing.


GTO is a lesson of life


Darker Than Black.I could study for 15 hours per day without feeling mentally and physically exhausted after watching the first season of it.
In the end, I lost to my anxiety..

Sep 17, 18 at 7:56am

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!!!!!!

Sep 17, 18 at 8:26am

Beck made me want to make music and learn to sing

Oregairu, Saenai heroine made me want to understand irl romance better. Which is funny


Keijo got me to try comptive gaming

Sep 17, 18 at 9:42pm

One punch man

I felt the need to workout after seeing that training routine xD
Still working out till this day~

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