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What anime encouraged you to do something?


We all have those animes that give us those warm fuzzy feelings or even make us cringe but today I'm asking what animate is fired you to do something as it could either be motivating you to do something active or do something that you don't normally do on a regular basis. Tomorrow's Joe encourage me to do boxing, Baki the grappler inspired me to get back into shape and start working out. What about you?

Jun 10, 18 at 12:25am

One Piece! This series made me realize what I want in life!
Silver Spoon as well, I relate to it so much that it made me work hard to be what I am today :D


Ever since finishing Violet Evergarden, I have fostered a desire to have metal hands. I like the way that they are very shiny and make nice clinky sounds. The closest I have come to having metal hands was yesterday, when I taped utensils to my fingers.


i've always been captivated by the positive outlook a lot of anime characters have. that even when the odds are against them and they have almost nothing they choose to still fight for what they want. I also like their compassion to help strangers and even enemies.
even though its cliche i aspire to be like that

Jun 10, 18 at 1:38pm

Ippo motivated me to take up boxing, tho I’m still lazy and thanks to the injuries and me barely stretching throwing a good straight actually hurts my shoulder a bit I still practice punches and dipping. I’m not in the best shape but I’m like amateur sendo, powerful arms/shoulders! I’ve never liked fighting and I’ve been in enough how it feels to be weak. I’ll take a punch m turn the other cheek unless someone else is in trouble, I’m a shield not a sword. I hope the day I do try to help I don’t end up knocked on my ass.

Jun 10, 18 at 1:41pm

Guilty crown encouraged me to destroy my PC ^^

Jun 10, 18 at 2:44pm
This account has been suspended.

One Piece made me wish I could kick someone's ass on behalf of a friend.

Jun 10, 18 at 3:42pm

Why are you so violent <_<


Probably cuz I'm a badboy

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