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Re: Zero

Jul 30, 16 at 11:47am

Who sets the dang save points!!!! He really needs to just carry around some poison to the drink at any given moment things go horribly wrong.

You got to admit, as cool as it would be to be able to reset time even a day or two. It pretty crappy you gotta die to do it. It's not a very attractive power to have.

Now that I think about it, this must be how your game characters must feel every time you screw up.

Daggera @daggera commented on Re: Zero
Jul 30, 16 at 12:27pm

I guess I need to watch this too at some point. So many to catch up on.

xerros @xerros commented on Re: Zero
Jul 31, 16 at 12:18am

I find myself mixed on it. Certainly started out great and with a interesting premise. It does get really dark as well which I don't mind, though what bothers me how Subaru has been behaving in the current arc.

Aug 01, 16 at 12:00pm

Yeah he definitely turned pathetic for a few episodes. But then again try dying in horrific ways a dozen times and see if you can keep your sanity.

Not to give spoilers but it looks like he's ready to man up again for the episode next week.

Still as pathetic as his behavior seems, can you honestly say you never had a moment like that? One where everything you planned, everything you did went to shit, and all your short comings in life became overwhelmingly apparent and you hated yourself for them.

It's pretty pathetic looking from the outside. But it happens. I've had a few days like that myself. Those days are ultimately a chance for self reflection and growth.

I think there was a life lesson they wanted to get across in the last episode. To put effort into your life and not waste the opportunities that come to you, because there will come a day that you'll regret it and wish you hadn't.

Aug 01, 16 at 4:26pm

I agree with Wesley. Suburu's development has been tough to watch, but I can't deny, for him to have lasted so long, his mental endurance really does astound me. Pathetic seems to be both an accurate word, and a wrong word to describe his development in the last few arcs. I find it relatable in many ways. The more you try to control the outcomes of every dream you have, the more it seems out of reach. And yet, the harder you try to kick to get past those limitations, the more you alienate yourself from the world around you. Of course I always stopped before I realized things might get irreversible, but then again, I wasn't trying to prevent an outcome where everyone I loved and cared was at jeopardy if I gave up.

But yes, with that last episode, it seems as though he's out of the tunnel, and is in a place where he could start making good decisions again... And damn it, Rem really is the best friend in the world, isn't she?


Yep, Rem has developed as an awesome character. Though she did kill him a few times for no real reason.

pinklightning @pinklightning commented on Re: Zero
pinklightning @pinklightning
Aug 01, 16 at 11:51pm

Im currently on episode 16 (i started today) And all I have to say is it is extremely painful to watch. You can't help but to feel sorry for the main character... It hurts my soul knowing he can never truly die(at least not that I know of), and is constantly reliving his loved one's deaths. Nontheless, amazing anime so far and I can't wait to see what episode 25 has in store for us :D

pinklightning @pinklightning commented on Re: Zero
pinklightning @pinklightning
Aug 01, 16 at 11:54pm

Also am I the only one who is finding themselves confused about a lot of things? I don't know... maybe I'm missing things but it seems as if they don't explain things often at all. Hopefully the next 6 will all come together nicely B)

Aug 02, 16 at 12:02am

if there's anything you want explained I could give it a shot?

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