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Re: Zero

May 15, 16 at 2:41pm

Re:Zero is my favorite anime of 2016 so far! That newest episode so hype for the next one!

Manny @manny0606 commented on Re: Zero
Manny @manny0606
May 16, 16 at 2:24am

I agree, this series is awesome

rakion @rakion commented on Re: Zero
May 27, 16 at 2:40am

This anime is by far the craziest ive seen this season. I do really like it an hope it has a good ending and not just some cop out where he ends up doing predictable things.

Monch21 @monch21 commented on Re: Zero
Jul 18, 16 at 3:34pm

´This anime is soo awkward, cute and filled with drama. It seems to be mostly for teens and a bit for adults. I´m enjoying it, although sometimes I wanna rage for yelling the answer. :P

leeks @leeks commented on Re: Zero
leeks @leeks
Jul 18, 16 at 8:45pm

I'm pretty into it, excited to see where it goes.

Gurren @gurren921 commented on Re: Zero
Gurren @gurren921
Jul 18, 16 at 9:07pm

It's very interesting to see Subaru's disposition grow more and more desperate with each episode.
I can see him actually turning into an antagonist of some sort down the line.


I've heard a LOT of good things about Re:Zero but I haven't started watching it yet. Mostly because I wait for anime to finish the vast majority of the time before I start watching them since anime is the only thing I actually binge given I have enough free time to do so. It's definitely on my list of anime that I need to watch though without a doubt.

ReizoKazunari @adamstone commented on Re: Zero
ReizoKazunari @adamstone
Jul 20, 16 at 2:02pm

Don't worry japan agrees with you expect this to be animated alot more after this 2 cour ends.

We are in arc 3 now and i think it's up to arc 6/7 in the novels.


Noooooo!!! What a terrible turn of events!!! Dang the cliff hangars!!!

Yeah, it's definitely one of the more interesting shows this season.


almost every episode leaves my jaw dropping

poor Subaru

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