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Re: Zero


Then start binge watching and catch yourself up. You'll be thankful you can binge watch and not have to wait each week like we did.


Well if it’s not on Netflix or Hulu I can kiss that shit goodbye ,_, I know a bit about it but like- idk...

Jul 19, 20 at 10:04am

There's plenty of other places you can watch, but here's one that's free. It just has a ton of ads on the page.



I could- but then again I have a lot of people to text and keep occupied or they’ll get mad or upset :’) I haven’t watched anime in months... I used to 24/7 when I was little buuuut... things happened and now I still do watch anime just sometimes- I’m currently watching at least 10 anime’s and have at least 20 in my “list” of recommendations:’)

Jul 19, 20 at 11:57am


My whole joke was banking on the fact I didn't expect you to respond 4 years later haha.

Props for coming back to sandbag me hehe.

Jul 19, 20 at 12:14pm

9anime or Kiss are the best but the popups can be annoying

Jul 19, 20 at 12:47pm


Aleph-6 @alephy commented on Re: Zero
Jul 19, 20 at 2:24pm

As I started watching season 2. There were elements that I kinda didn't fully remember. I'm probably gonna rewatch season one to brush up my memory

Jul 21, 20 at 1:05am

Gogo is also good, but it doesn't have uncut version. Kiss anime has uncut ones but too much popups and Kickassanime has everything and less ads/popups UwU

ali21 @ali21 commented on Re: Zero
Jul 21, 20 at 8:51pm

I just started watching it a few weeks ago, and HOLY SHIT!

I’m looking...kind of looking forward to it. Haha

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