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Re: Zero

Jul 08, 20 at 7:51pm

Fun fact! This thread also has the power to return by death...

Now if I can make a response to Mr. Wesley-Sensei 4 years later I gotta say his quote,

"Emilia was the first person that he met when he came to that world. She was the first to help him. She saved him...

...I can attest to that personally."

At what point, time, and reality did you jump into to know what Emilia did for Subaru PERSONALLY???

Cause if you found the secret portal to the kingdom of Lugnica at your local 7-Eleven store then you can PERSONALLY google map me dat info so I can join ya!

Probably where you disappeared to when you realized MO was a lost cause and I don't blame ya just saying...

As to Rem being disqualified cause she beat the ever living crap out of my boy Subaru initially; remember that didn't stop him from risking being eaten alive by demon dogs to save her or fight off Petelguese either. Both of which were far more frightful than being bludgeoned in my opinion.

Plus Puck, Emilia's protector, straight decapitated Subaru after freezing him slowly.

Getting frost bite sucks my guy. Then ya loose your head and I'm like NOPE! Cute cats be deadly especially if you see one floating through mid air talking to ya.

F that sh¡t I'm out!

I digress...

Felix is bae, y'all can keep yo Rems n' Emilias.

Now you resurrect your musty ancient witch profile to tell me I am wrong @a_wesley_g


Sorry but emilia hasnt really even done much for subaru except save hom the one time when he was being attacked. She almost didnt even wanna do that either. She was gonna run off and leave him but puck said something.

On the other hand rem has saved subaru dozens if times if not to make up for killing him like 3 times.

Rem definitely more waifu material than emilia who he literally publicly shamed himself to defend her honor. And she gets mad at him for doing so.

Jul 08, 20 at 7:59pm

Here’s a fun fact Re: zero sucks and princess connect was better


Just because you can talk, doesnt mean you should c:

Jul 08, 20 at 8:07pm

Freedom of speech booyah

Jul 08, 20 at 8:10pm

Freedom of my size 12 boot up yo candy @$$ you mean sucka'.

...I'm sorry please don't flame me!


Okay.... You're wrong.


Betty's character really took a huge turn.

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