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Yo! Whats your talent?

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Everyone is good at something, so whats your talent? It can be something as simple as whistling (my deepest respect for this warriors who can do it)

Cooking, being good at a game, can your tongue actually reach your nose?

Im good at telling tales in public, and making really bad jokes for the evil boss of the lair.

Aug 29, 16 at 1:29pm

I know what my talents are, but I kinda have a hard time defining them without sounding pretentious. For example: I love to write, but I'm not much of a writer, so I call myself a creator instead.

-puts pretentious glasses on-

I'm somewhat of a local legend in HVZ around Athens. Its because I have a renowned sense of perception when it comes to spotting people hiding, and a sharp reaction speed with deadly nerf gun accuracy when they jump out at me. I'm renowned for being a really tough human for the zombies to kill.

-tightens pretentious belt-

I could not only sense spirits, but am equipped to do battle with them as well.

-ascends to Bono level-

Aug 29, 16 at 10:28pm

I'm very good at wasting time.

Aug 29, 16 at 10:41pm

Talent? I have all talents.

Every single one of them.

Aug 29, 16 at 11:00pm

Hmm, I think I'm good at being a Jack-of-all-trades (no pun intended :P). I like learning about different art styles and techniques, even though I may not master them.

I'd also say that I'm good at taking care of my good friends.

Aug 30, 16 at 12:24am

I'm good at drawing kawaii anime-gurlz but wanna become GREAT!!! I think I'm pretty good at making stories with relatable characters, but my grammar/sentence-structure can use some work (that and I constantly use parenthesis) (#WOMP) (I'd be dead without spellcheck!) (I had to double-check how to spell parenthesis!!) (I even had to made sure what a parenthesis was!!). I'm average at Smash Bros (Wii U) and I'm really bad at social settings~ I'm also... really bad at finding a girlfriend~ (#blush)

Aug 30, 16 at 12:41am

im very good at killing people

Aug 30, 16 at 12:46am

I don't know I work out...I cook...I draw...I sing and play instruments...Sometimes I write. But I'm not talented at any of it.

Aug 30, 16 at 12:50am

I am extremely talented at making puns ^^

Aug 30, 16 at 3:18am

I can perform an accurate double-tap to the upper chest and above from 20m away ~

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