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Aug 26, 15 at 2:32pm
What are your thoughts on religion? Do you take part in it?
Sub @sub commented on religion
Aug 26, 15 at 3:19pm
At the risk of offending some people : I think it is all a load of rubbish.
Aug 26, 15 at 3:29pm
^ Who gives a shit if someone gets offended. This is the internet ppl get asshurt over opinions all the time no matter what subject. Also I agree with you.
Aug 26, 15 at 3:35pm
There is a difference between religion and beliefs. Religion for me is something created by the human being to benefit from it, to manipulate it, to move masses and to create some bond between a political figure and its population. There is no use for a person to follow religion. Some people think following religion is the same to following the figure the religion is portraying as godlike when they are actually just following simple rules made by some random human being. I am a christian, I believe Jesus went to the earth in flesh to save us from our sins, from the Hades or Seol, he died and resuscitated the third day. This making me a believer of the existence of a God outside there. I'm pretty much aware the existence of God is there since I personally have had some strange experiences that can't be explained and because we are not advanced enough for science to have proves his existence is not real. I do believe science actually compliments what's already written in that old book. However I still ask myself, how is that there are so many religions in this world? How is that every single one of them have a potential god that is possibly the creator of everything? Why some of them follow the same patterns being totally different at the same time? For me is like we were given thousands of years ago some proof we aren't alone in this vast universe and the infinite void the universe is growing in. Still religion is just like a big gossip, passing onto some generations and while being passed down changing some of its cualities and that's why they end up being so different but having the same characteristics whatsoever. Just like a big rumour. Where does this rumour originates? Are we really following the truth or are we believing in something that is not? I for once think that I will not ever believe in something else than the existence of the trinity and God given that I lose nothing on it but it is interesting asking these questions anyway.
Aug 26, 15 at 3:35pm
No. People can believe what they want to believe as long as they don't try to bring me into it.
xynox @xynox commented on religion
Aug 26, 15 at 3:44pm
Religion is never a good topic.
Sub @sub commented on religion
Aug 26, 15 at 3:48pm
@Xynox - Indeed you have 2 sides that are both unlikely to change. And it gets personal real fast.
xynox @xynox commented on religion
Aug 26, 15 at 4:14pm
@Sub - Pretty much. I mean I'm agnostic.. I literally don't have any fucks to give about it but if both sides are theists of different religions, or one atheist and one theist.. it becomes a battlefield in minutes.
xypho @xypho commented on religion
Aug 26, 15 at 4:29pm
This account has been suspended.
Aug 26, 15 at 4:40pm
Cool, a thread to stir the pot. Good job!:) Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one and they all stink.
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