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Sherflow @sherflow left a comment for Sub
Nov 10, 15 at 1:54pm
Wow, first time I've met someone from Lancashire on here, Which part are you from?
Sherflow @sherflow Forgot to mention I'm from Lancashire too.
Sub @sub Hi :) I am currently based in Blackpool, such a depressing place to be honest.. Where are you from?
Sherflow @sherflow get the fuck out of her?! I'm from Blackpool...
Sub @sub No way, I didn't expect that. What are the chances! I've lived in Blackpool for most my life although going to be moving away soon which I am glad as there is not much going on here.
Sherflow @sherflow lol good Blackpool is like Purgatory sometimes, I'm glad to away and get some air. Where are you moving to?
Sub @sub Just moved to Thailand to work as an English teacher. Hell of a long flight getting here but the weather is awesome actually sunny beaches unlike Blackpool where its always raining.
garrison559 @garrison559 left a comment for Sub
Aug 24, 15 at 6:53pm
Thank you for recommending gto at first i didn't think I'd like it but by the end i was disappointed there wasn't more
❀Sunflower❀ @sunflower left a comment for Sub
Aug 20, 15 at 4:25pm
Jun 09, 17 at 10:40am
Hi and welcome to the forums. This is a fairly chill place there is no pressure here at all. Also if you stress over the minor things then just remember: they are minor!
Jun 09, 17 at 5:40am
The problems is that both sides are as bad as each other. In the UK a lot of people feel disconnected from the politicians who are running the country. The problem for me is that every decision is made by aggregates not a specific focus. One of the easiest examples related to the EU: When fishing quotas where implemented, the UK fishing industry was decimated. The EU however provides farming subsidies to others in different region of the country. On paper the country is no worse off, but try telling that to fishermen who lost their jobs that it is OK because farmers they have never met are getting subsides so the economy is all good. That being said there are so many issues on the go at the moment that I doubt any one party could fix them out. What annoys me the most is that you watch the parliamentary debates and its all point scoring against the other parties than talk on policy. I reckon that if every MP in power now actually chose to work together across party lines we would have a better government and country but there will always be people who vote a certain way based on party lines rather than the honest views they hold.