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kitsune90 @kitsune90 left a comment for tranquilt
Mar 23, 18 at 12:56am

Meh he wasn’t the best boyfriend not to mention all the lying, in the end he couldn’t keep them together. That is very true, as my fifth grade teacher always said patients is a virtue that not everyone has. Well convenience is convenient not everyone can sit down and actually take the time to do something. Which is sad, rushing through something makes you mess up more, without you really reflecting on your mistakes. And I completely understand with a lot of people trying to take the easy way out, but that’s good that you want to turn your negative into a positive. That’s what I hope to achieve one day, you said your mom played the piano when you where a kid did you have a favorite song that you liked to listen to or play?

I think its because you are doing someone else’s work that it kinda blocks the creative process it’s ok to play them every now and than just not too much. Hmm but that is tricky, being to comfortable makes it hard to break free of that. How do you make sure you don’t lose your creativity? Personally I think it’s impressive that you can write your own music and melody, I wish I could do that but I’m not a writer unfortunately. I agree with you about sad music it has that kind of power to just grab you, and you’re right that everyone has something going on, it’s just hard to see the positive when the negative. It’s why I like Plato’s quote be nice to everyone for we are all fighting our own battles. I end up crying on some of the songs because they bring me back to certain events from my life.

Tell me about it, but than again people who are meant to be in your life will always find a way to be in it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt, I think it hurts more that you have to pick up and rebuild your life like you did before you where in a relationship. That’s still impressive that you know how to ballroom dance, where did you learn to do that and what made you take the classes? Yea I don’t like clubs never did the only time I went was with my friends to keep an eye on them. I think masquerades sound like fun I wish I could go to one, formal stuff aside from prom when I was in high school, and I never been to a concert before so I think you’re lucky to experience all of that.

I think I prefer fresh pineapples they taste better than the canned ones. Have you ever hand bacon pancakes they are sooo good and when you make it you have to sing the bacon pancake song it’s to catchy not to sing lol. Not a huge fan of mushrooms, though my mom does make a great burger steak that does use mushroom gravy. I don’t eat the mushroom but enjoy the flavor of it. Have you ever had stuffed cabbage before? That’s really cool you live around fields to pick fresh veggies, do you garden too?

Lol open arms I like to call the montage song they play it in almost every flashback in movies, I think my favorite is killer queen it’s great when working on stuff. Lol I agree it’s like you could have the worst day ever than hear that song and start singing bohemian rhapsody and before you know it you are singing along smiling lol.

kitsune90 @kitsune90 left a comment for tranquilt
Mar 19, 18 at 2:39am

I don't think anyone could run off with a saxophone lol in all honesty i'm pretty sure my ex took it and pawned it but it's what eves been years since it disappeared lol. i'm not sure either i have run across a lot of people who seem to not want to teach or have very little patience when it comes to that fact, i will say because of that it made me want to be a better teacher from the negative experiences and there are a lot of them lol.
lol that's awesome, i have to go with Ed she was over the top weird but at the same time she is a genius. you don't expect that at all and the way they had it set up in the future and made earth seem like a weird and different place. how often do you write your own music. i have heard that playing too many covers can often hold back ones creativity, does that sometimes happen to you? well sad songs hold a lot of meaning they are more relatable than any other song in my opinions it's an emotion so many people can feel and have the words and melody reach you in a new way. sad songs have their own magic to them that can make you feel sad one moment next have you smiling. you're right about mash ups if done right they are very good but than again i have yet to hear a bad mash up. you seem very profound when it comes to heartbreak and moving on, not a lot of people feel that way or know how to move on. so how do you do it?
lol yea easier said than done i know it's all about having fun, but at the same time i know i can't dance, I'm trying to learn how to but it's not on the top of my list. of course there are some dances that i can't help but do when they come cause it's only right lol but most of the time i just stick to the wall and enjoy the music. how about you do you know how to free style dance or line dance?
hmm i might have to try that i do love pineapples and bbq, while i do enjoy bacon wrapped anything i have a habit of eating the bacon with out anything around it. although there was a beef wrapped in jalapeno bacon drizzled in bourbon sauce that was really good. you had me with onion and peppers until you said mushrooms lol do you have a favorite vegetable that enjoy cooking with? omg queens yes freaking love them i have a few of there songs on my phone i listen to so much that i hum the melody and sing the songs and don't get me started on the guitar solo. classic rock is awesome personally i listen to it and early 90s more, do you have a favorite song in the classical rock category? i like you more since you know Bohemian Rhapsody it came on the radio while i was driving once had to turn the music up and sing along with the windows down lol.
thank you, i'm sure you can do decorate and it would probably even come out better than you expect. have you ever decorated a cake or cookies before and do you know how to draw? huh you would think bakeries would have more varieties to keep business going. i'm sure it's relaxing living in a quiet town, kind of miss it but at the same time i enjoy the city as well. have you lived in SC all your life and have you traveled out of state?
OMG puppies!!! lol i bet they are so adorable, what are there names and how old are they lol sorry just really love dogs even if there is a lot of dog hair lol ^^. but completely understand with being busy and driving around, i hope you had time to relax and read ^^. the movie is on Netflix there is a chance you might like the movie since the movies soundtrack is from a band who did the music off the book. some of the songs are hit and miss personally but all and all still pretty good.

kitsune90 @kitsune90 left a comment for tranquilt
Mar 16, 18 at 1:55pm

lol i know i actually enjoyed playing it for several years, until it disappeared in college which upset me but i'm sure someone is getting more use from it than me lol. well i know mistakes are apart of life and it's never ending lessons but the way the teachers were it was like if i made the same mistake too many times they would get very upset with me and than made me nervous to play anything. that's great that you over came the negative things the teachers said. what's your style of teaching i know people have their own way of learning so how do you accommodate that with your teaching?
huh i do enjoy jazz, have you seen the anime cowboy bebop that has a jazzy bohemian kind of feel to it i think you'd enjoy. i would think writing songs would be tough like figuring the rhythm, lyrics, and style i envy those who are able to do it with no problem of course writers block doesn't count lol. i don't think anymore enjoys being sad it's but than again i think it depends on what type of sadness like a happy sad if you know how to handle it, you could turn it into something beautiful. i love musical mash up where people blend different types of songs into one making it sound completely different. i'm sorry to hear that you had a relationship go south i know that never a good feeling. but that's good that you want to get back to it in your own time, if you rush into it than it won't be the same as before. than again if you think about it nothing ever really stays the same even after time.
you should listen to acute from vocaloid it even has a dance to it that tells a really sad story, its really beautiful and i can relate to the characters so much. almost wish I could dance to some of them, but sadly i can't dance and the stuff i do isn't very graceful, especially compared to two of my friends they move with so much grace and style. so when i listen to music i like to imagine a story that i'm apart of, or when I'm drawing one of my comics i tend to listen to music to help get the feel of the mood for the character.
i don't think I've had grilled pineapples before, i do enjoy grilled corn on the cob that's one of my favorites, what kind of chicken or seasonings do you use? or is it a secret lol. there is nothing wrong listening to music while doing something you enjoy or singing along that's how into it you really are and in your own world that you don't realize you're doing it. i sing a few songs like lost boys and here when ever they come on and don't get me started with bohemian rhapsody it's like an unwritten law that if it comes on and you don't sing to it than you lose so many cool points lol. but i can send you the lyric to star when i find it, it's mostly piano so it adds a bit of class to it.
cobbler is pretty easy i'm looking for more challenging things to bake something i haven't done before, but than again the baking isn't the real challenge it's the decorating part i need more practice with lol. but i understand though it is good eating too much of a good thing can be bad, wow there aren't a lot of those that is awesome if i decide to open my own business i could consider there lol but i'm no where near ready for that.
lol i understand about being busy, and aww you have a puppy that is so cute what kind do you have? and thank you i hope you have a great weekend yourself. if you want to read another book i started reading the book with the cuckoo clock heart it's a fiction novel about a man being born on the coldest day on earth resulting with him having a frozen heart, because of this a witch replaces it with a cuckoo clock which lets him live but he has to follow 3 important rules 1 never touch the hands of the clock, 2 never lose your temper, and 3 never ever fall in love. if that happens he will die, i saw the movie and it had an the best way to put it artistic ending so just started reading the book to get a better understanding of some things i missed or didn't understand.

kitsune90 @kitsune90 left a comment for tranquilt
Mar 15, 18 at 12:57am

It really is a beautiful instrument I wish I learned when I was a kid, sadly that wasn't an option at my school so I had to do the next best thing learn the saxophone lol. But learning piano was bitter sweet some of my music teachers didn't have alot of patience with me and than get upset, which made me nervous and mess up more idk I love music but I get sharps and flats confused sometimes among other stuff probably why I haven't played in years lol ^^; I admire that you teach that's what I want to do when I get better at baking, whst made you want to teach?
I'm sure you do a great job at playing, what's your style when you write your own music? And what inspires you to write and how do you come up with the melody? Wow you sing too?! That's awesome you're just full of talent lol do you have a favorite song? I completely understand I'm the same way with baking it's almost like your own inner peace where you can close the world out and be in your own space, it's warming and soothing at the sametime. How old where you when you started playing?
Well yes I can see that cleaning is no fun for anyone lol but one has to clean to make a bigger mess, since you're a master of grill what are some things you enjoy cooking?
Music comes in handy when I feel down or just been in my head too much, there are times when I hum as I bake sometimes I don't even know it, there is one song I really love called star it's Korean and sung so beautifully that sometimes I cry.
I've made a red velvet cheesecake before everyone loved it i also made a peach and strawberry cobbler that sold very quickly. How come you aren't able to enjoy cheesecake? Do you not have time to make it or just don't get to eat it much? I like to think cobbler is good for summer time and early fall kind of thing.


I agree wholeheartedly. I really wish I'd taken time with the violin too. It can make such beautiful music and I think I'd enjoy it a great deal. I've taught people with focus issues before. It's really not too bad. Patience is key when anybody is learning something new and I just try to put myself in their shoes.

Most of the time I've got a certain list I can play from when I play at restaurants. I've done one of my pieces a couple times at bars but I'm no Chopin, haha. There have been times when I play things for people in private too, but those times are few and far between. Guess I kind of just got into it young. I liked to sing from the time I could talk and my mom always played the piano. There were times where I'd just sit in her lap and watch when I was really young so they just started me early. Been through some rough things in life and music has been the one thing that's always there. Just so much emotion and people pouring their souls out.

I'm used to grilling because it takes so little cleanup, lol. I do it because I loathe doing dishes and cleaning up large messes. Cooking is always fun but the cleanup is an entirely different story.

I dig it. If it sounds good I'll listen to it. Music has always been something that's easy for me to kinda get lost in for hours.

Oh Lord, I love cheesecake, haha. Anything from just a normal cheesecake to fancier things like dulce de leche. I don't really get a chance to eat it much so I try to savor it when I do get to. For simplicty, peach cobbler. Easy to fix and good for most occasions

kitsune90 @kitsune90 left a comment for tranquilt
Mar 14, 18 at 3:35pm

I love the mix of piano and violin both of them are so beautiful and the sounds they make is magical. That's the thing I don't know if I'll be able to really find a good teacher who would work with me, somethings take time for me and alot of people would get impatient and start getting upset when ever I don't get it. So I think I'm better off trying to teach myself.
Lol why keep them to yourself I'm sure they are a true work of art ^^ but I get it you don't want to share what's special for you with just anyone.what made you want to teach music and what made you fall in love with it?
Wow grilling one weakness lol I'm really bad at grill I have brunt ribs one time my family still hasn't let it go lol. While I don't experiment like I want to i enjoy improving recipes and getting new recipes to do. Lol that happens sometimes with pound cake it could be that the mixture was too dense causing it to fall.
Hmm music I like anything with a good beat and meaning to the lyrics even if I don't understand the language the melody just frees my mind, as for baking I don't think I have a favorite thing but I've had great feed back with my cheesecake.
How about you do you have a favorite dessert?

Mar 14, 18 at 8:33am

well tbh. its not officially on guitar hero XD, i added it into guitar hero. so technically its a custom song haha. As far as the festival goes, if you google progpowerusa. there website already has the lineup for this year if you wanted to see whos playing.

kitsune90 @kitsune90 left a comment for tranquilt
Mar 13, 18 at 5:09pm

That's impressive I know how to play the piano but I'm not great at best i can play a few things also haven't played in years lol. I really want to try my hand at guitar so I'm looking forward to it, do you have any advice for learning it? Do you write your own music too? And do you play by ear or read sheet music? Cooking is fun but I prefer baking I get to be more creative and keeps my imagination growing lol, what are some things you enjoy cooking?

Mar 12, 18 at 6:52pm

totally cool man. i like the song "the gift of music" by dream theatre. Love playing it on guitar hero XD.., ya def hitup progpower any year you can, totally worth it!. Live shows are wicked. that festival is one of my favorite things about living in GA \m/. i dig piano when im relaxing. i cant really play anything though. i have a hard time remembering notes xD.

kitsune90 @kitsune90 left a comment for tranquilt
Mar 12, 18 at 9:36am

Awesome i hope you like princess jellyfish I think it's one of the realist manga I've read especially for otakus lol. I'm a cook in a restaurant sadly it doesn't give me a chance to talk to people other than my co workers. That's really cool you're a music teacher, I love music what instruments do you play and do you have a style you favor?

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