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Last online about 2 years ago
Aspects I'm looking for in a partner
1) Holding at least one "big dream", ie. something you want to achieve or build that you hope will bring lasting benefit to the world.

2) Having enough planning and perspective on that dream, that it has a real chance of being realized.

3) Enjoying a "core set of everyday enjoyment activities" that meaningfully overlap with my own.

There are many things I enjoy, but two of the ones that I keep coming back to, year after year, are:
* Great anime series; especially adventure (eg. Hunter X Hunter, Blood Blockage Battlefront, My Hero Academia) and romance (eg. Spiritpact, No. 6, Yuri on Ice). Some other categories are enjoyable too (eg. slice of life), but adventure and romance are the ones I watch the most. Check my anime list to see which series favorites we share!
* Competitive video games with deep mechanics; particularly DOTA and Smash Bros. (DOTA is my all-time favorite, but it's also a heavier time investment; Smash Bros is my favorite for spending time with larger groups of friends.)

If these are some of your core hobbies as well, that's a huge bonus! As I believe an important part of a long-term relationship is enjoying the same things -- so that even when the initial romance fades, there is something solid to continue enjoying with your partner.

4) Kindness, attractiveness, and emotional connection/compatibility are big factors too of course, but these things go without saying. ^_^

5) See the bottom of my profile for some of the more detailed aspects. (such as the type of appearance I'm most drawn to!)

My core desires
1) A world that is hope-sustaining. Belief in life after death is an important part of this; it's okay to not be sure, but the person I want to run with is someone who can look to the end of life, and not see it as a termination, but as (potentially, at least) the unveiling of a mystery.

2) Long-term progress on my core set of projects, which I've gradually been building over the years. I'm a software developer, so these projects (mostly) consist of ambitious website projects that I plan to keep working on for the rest of my life. (may give more details in the future)

3) Someone to love and cherish, and enjoy many games and anime with... :)

Other information
* Height: 6'2
* Ethnicity: half Asian, half Scandinavian
* Languages: English (have lived in the US my whole life); interested in perhaps learning Japanese someday (mainly for anime-watching)
* Introverted; pretty quiet at social gatherings (unless one of my interests is involved, in which case I'm often the most engaged).
* Can enjoy occasional outings, but am also content to stay at home (this is usually my preference, as there's so many things to enjoy without the need for travel time).
* Have over a decade of experience in programming/software-development, and I use this regularly to help build toward my lifelong projects.
* Spirituality is important to me; but the world is a complex place, so I understand how there are many different worldviews on this.
* I love to listen to and engage with diverse ideas. I love thinking about social or philosophical topics from both perspectives, and tunneling deep into the details.

Details on my "ideal type" (you don't necessarily need to match all of these, but the more you do the better ^_^)
1) Compatibility with my general preference for staying at home. Again, occasional outings are fine -- but frequent outings would likely tire me out!
2) Someone who cares more about "cuddling" than actual sex.
3) Appearance-wise, I have a preference for guys who are more "cute" than "manly"; there are some specific types of "professional men" that also look nice, but it's a narrower match. For some examples of the personality-type I find adorable, think of animes like No. 6, Sukisho, Gravitation, Spiritpact, Love Stage, Gakuen Heaven, etc. (you can go through my list of anime for further examples). In virtually every case, the "cute" one in the pair (ie. the "uke") is the one I'm most attracted to. Though the "seme" in the pair is often handsome as well, the "ukes" in each of those series I find absolutely adorable!
4) I also like people who are really passionate about something -- passionate enough that they will spend hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of hours working on it. Granted, this is maybe too greedy to ask after the list of other factors given above ^_^; but if you do happen to have such a passion, it's something I would definitely appreciate! Especially if our passions align to where we could help each other achieve them.

This summary was a bit long, but I think it's important to provide enough details so that people who are good matches can reliably identify each other. Not enough people provide these details, such that even if someone were a great match, 90% of the time I would never know it! So if it seems like we might be a match, please check your profile and make sure it's filled out enough -- I don't want to miss out on a "promising potential partner" just because his profile was left empty. ^_^