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Jaime Lee Curtis is fun to watch in that one. The scene's funny because all you’re thinking as you watch it is “how long can this go on? Something’s gotta give”. And of course it does, with more hilarity.
(3:04 AM Fri. Mar 17th) I’m watching True Lies and I am dying from secondhand embarrassment when the woman in the movie (I forgot her name in the movie) is trying to act like a prostitute and be all sexy XD. I don’t know why I feel secondhand embarrassment so strongly but I literally paused that part of the movie to come here and talk about it so I could give myself a break! It really is a hilarious scene but I am also dying from embarrassment (and laughter) at the woman... someone please help me! Edit: 3:19 AM— Y’all she was putting on a show for the “customer” and she fell.... amsmsmmckc! She fell and I am laughing and dying once again, I am an embarrassed cryer so if I ever tried to act sexy and failed miserably I would just lie on the floor crying XD.
Spring Mommy ® @wei_ying I haven’t finished the scene yet... I paused it until I felt like I could finish it again XD. Which isn’t anytime soon since it’s 5:04 AM and I still haven’t finished it
This is an interesting take. I had not considered the impacts to society until now.
I am tolerant to Christianity and Islam mainly because of their contributions to the societies they spread. Christianity (Catholicism and Orthodoxy) was successful in maintaining the structure of the Romans and made much progress to science, law, politics and even aesthetics. Sure, Protestantism came, but even them had good contributions to the west as a whole. Unfortunately, the blight of puritanism proposes to destroy everything that makes Christianity an intellectually civilized religion and is very prominent in parts of the anglosphere and some african countries. Pity. Was Catholic some years ago, but decided to regress to mere Theism, as I am not sympathetic to Christendom (although I find it preferable than complete secularization). But mad respect to them, despite being an Abrahamic religion.
I won a sports car playing a video game.