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44 year old Male
Last online about 1 month ago
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I'm a big fan of Animal Crossing, so I got inspired to create a character in a similar style. Planning to work on rigging it soon!
I’m still planning to play at launch, although I was bummed to not be able to play early.
I said I was not pre-ordering ever again after Cyberpunk. I bought Diablo IV though. *cries* Their server test worked well for marketing.
vectorphresh @mrvee Lol… I’ve told my friends for years AI media is the future. Just thought I’d share… These ‘Balenciaga’ vids are too funny.
TUCA DONKA @joemama711 XD im all for more automation.
Aug 20, 23 at 8:03pm
Here's my response to first set of questions: 1. My favorite color is red 2. Right now my playlist has electronic music from Clark, Gingy, Lorn, and Wreckage 3. I'm re-watching "The Devil is a Part Timer" 4. I speak mainly English, and understand some Spanish because of my cousins 5. I work as a software developer for a large corporate firm. It's a fun job, and I build software that helps people get around every day. The politics can be a drain, but the people I work with are chill. 6. I have two siblings--an older sister and younger brother--both of which I'm close to. I spend a lot more time with my bro tho, who also lives in California. 7. I get along pretty well with my dad and stepmom, but was not very close to biological mom when she was alive due to her struggle with mental health. 8. The Peanut butter banana protein smoothie from Jamba Juice is a favorite, and I like drinking coffee sometimes 9. Not really. I like going fast (Initial D!) but move over when driving in the fast lane. 10. I did not enjoy school, but I liked my high school math teacher because he was kind even when I was struggling (or slacking). He encouraged me to go to college and would chat about the latest math during breaks. 11. Last time I tested I was ENFP-A. 12. I was raised catholic, but not so much as an adult. I'm pretty sure there's a god who has an awesome sense of humor, and believe we are all connected. I believe you are what you think, and mostly live by that. 13. I'd be Akira Tendo from Zom 100. Awkward, but my heart in the right place. 14. Not sure. when it's just me I try to avoid conflict, but I go all in when people are in trouble or need support. I've fought for my friends and given CPR to relative strangers, and was pretty scared in both cases. 15. Favorite food has always been pizza, and feeds my cheese addiction. I've started to eat helathier tho while microdosing mozzerella 16. I think it would be fun to play games at Dave Busters, have some drinks, and take silly photos. 17. I don't think so. :P 18. My favorite exercise is cycling and I used to sign up for small races (like Onoda Sakamichi) but... 19. My job eats a lot of me time, and its constantly in hair-on-fire mode. I find time to relax but I wish I had more. 20. It feels like love is the universal language, and that you create the world togther.