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Mountain Tiger

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Mar 22, 21 at 10:07pm

since you brought up the ira, idk if your into Irish folk music, but

Jan 14, 21 at 10:51pm

The Chinese classics’ influence on Anime? Mind explaining? I know many anime and games are adapted from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Which quote from The Art of War is your favourite? I found where the two quotes may be from. Both might be from the ancient historical records, but I’m uncertain the authors of the two English quotes got inspired from old Chinese books~

Jan 14, 21 at 6:22am

I saw Confucius's quotes. He is a man I read upon since I was little...(-_-) However well I know Kongzi/Confucius, I can't recall the two quotes in his native language. Anyways, thank you for liking the two quotes! I made a post on local media to ask if anyone knows what the quotes in classical Chinese are like ^^.