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Mirai @ryokomirai left a comment for korake
Oct 11, 18 at 1:14pm

they have a new song! i'm so happy

Jared @kimura_motoyuki left a comment for korake
Sep 24, 18 at 6:15pm

shulk <3

Sep 21, 18 at 5:05pm

Seems this exploit has been patched :D

Sep 15, 18 at 12:05am

((( WARNING: I cannot receive chat messages anymore )))

After having been attacked with code that auto-executed over the MO chat, during the night, that could've potentially been malicious, I can no longer feel safe in enabling scripts on this website. As such, I've had to block the chat system (and potentially other functions) with NoScript, so I cannot receive chat messages ever again. I'm sorry, but if people want to get in touch with me, either write on my Activity wall or add me on Discord: Korake#2921

I know this greatly limits my interactions with people, but I absolutely won't change my mind unless I find another solution to block it, or the developer of the website fixes the huge security hole. If somebody has a solution, please tell me and others, make it public knowledge.

Best of luck to all who use the chat system, may you never fall prey to dangerous code that executes on its own without your will.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for korake
Sep 11, 18 at 12:43am

Oh yes, I still want to game with you! I'm sorry for my very late response - it's a bad habit of me. I'll add you here, so I can tell you if I play any game. (But my weeks are very right now, so big big sorry for let you waiting!)

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for korake
Sep 01, 18 at 3:47am

Hey, sorry for my late reply - I hope you are not upset~ how have you been the last time? My time is very busy, so much to do :) the name of your character fits perfect. If you don't mind, I would like to talk a bit more with you until I add you on steam or discord - I hope that's ok for you :)) Today, I wanted to try the game MHW, but I would also take a look in PSO2 if you want.

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for korake
Aug 26, 18 at 4:25am

Oh, that's some time ago :) Yes, that is still the unofficial Ship for western players, but I have seen some japanese players the last time. And yes, you should give it a further try :) The Story mode is very nice and I think that they have add a lot of "dungeons" and darkers. Were be very nice to see you around :)

Final Fantasy is still a good series and I was really surprised of the MMO system in XIV and also how they solve the lvl gap etc. It has alot of good solutions what I appreciate. Do you see any difference between XI and XIV?
I have also create a Hyur. And it were be a pleasure to play FFXIV again. The community is very very polite :)

She looks pretty cute~ how is her name?

It has also rained here. I can relate to have some rain instead of hot days over and over :)

elhaym @elhaym left a comment for korake
Aug 25, 18 at 4:36pm

Heya korake~ you left me a very nice message :) Yes, I do love Ghost in the Shell, I really love the story. When did you played PSO2? And did you also play on Ship 2? FFXIV Online is also a great game - I should play it again ^^ Yes, Odin is kinda a (crossover)boss in PSO2 - I had one time the chance to beat that boss. That was so cool, because it reminded me on a FATE fight in FFXIV.
What kind of character did you create in FFXIV?
And I have seen that we have a similiar animes taste :)

And last but not least: how is the weather in Stockholm?

Bunilla @bunilla left a comment for korake
Aug 24, 18 at 1:58pm

yes i have :D

Aug 17, 18 at 12:43am

My team fought for many days and nights to get this far.
Now it's time for the ultimate challenge...
Tonight, we use our power to fell a god, and then... seize our destiny!
The future is ours to decide!