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Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 2

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If you encounter something that doesn't appear to work, works differently than expected, or could work better, post here.

Current Feature Requests
* Group messaging.
* Adding more anime and cons to the lists.
* Import/export XML anime list.


3 Line Tab on upper left corner isn't working.

Jan 26, 18 at 1:03pm

Is that still not working for you? I fixed an issue with it the other day, but I thought that only affected users who weren't logged in.


Not sure if anyone experiences this, but when I go back to a forum from a thread it doesn't load the page to the top. So lets say I'm in a thread, I scroll to the bottom, and I click on back to Random Chatter at the bottom of the page. It will load me at the bottom of the page, since I clicked a link it should be loading it as a new page and I should be back at the top. However, if I do the same thing at the top of a page, it loads the next page at the top. So basically the site is recognizing where I am on a page, and loads the next page in the same location.

The same outcome happens if you're on any page that has a scrollbar and you navigate to a different page via the tabs up top to another page that is long enough with a scroll bar. If I'm in the middle of a thread and I click the Forum tab up top to go back to the root of the forums, it'll load to the middle of the Forums page.

Jan 27, 18 at 11:26am

I'm having a similar problem as Midas actually. When I enter a thread or my wall, sometimes it will bring me to the page as if I had scrolled down, rather than bringing me to the top of the page. It happens with my regular and mobile MO for me.

Jan 28, 18 at 5:51am

Dunno if it's just me, but got this strange bug. Checked on other devices, and it's still the same:

All the hearts have seemed to reset, or are invisible to me, except under the posts/comments that I myself have given hearts to.
Those have both my hearts, and the hearts that others gave. o_o

Jan 28, 18 at 11:15am

I believe I have fixed the scroll so it will now return to the top when you click links.

I may have fixed the heart bug too.


Yep, scrolling does appear fixed. Ty!

Hearts seem to be working as well.


The heart and the view of who has hearted a comment buttons hitboxes are swapped for me.

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