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Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 2


If you encounter something that doesn't appear to work, works differently than expected, or could work better, post here.

Current Feature Requests
* Group messaging.
* Adding more anime and cons to the lists.
* Import/export XML anime list.


3 Line Tab on upper left corner isn't working.

Jan 26, 18 at 1:03pm

Is that still not working for you? I fixed an issue with it the other day, but I thought that only affected users who weren't logged in.


Not sure if anyone experiences this, but when I go back to a forum from a thread it doesn't load the page to the top. So lets say I'm in a thread, I scroll to the bottom, and I click on back to Random Chatter at the bottom of the page. It will load me at the bottom of the page, since I clicked a link it should be loading it as a new page and I should be back at the top. However, if I do the same thing at the top of a page, it loads the next page at the top. So basically the site is recognizing where I am on a page, and loads the next page in the same location.

The same outcome happens if you're on any page that has a scrollbar and you navigate to a different page via the tabs up top to another page that is long enough with a scroll bar. If I'm in the middle of a thread and I click the Forum tab up top to go back to the root of the forums, it'll load to the middle of the Forums page.

Jan 27, 18 at 11:26am

I'm having a similar problem as Midas actually. When I enter a thread or my wall, sometimes it will bring me to the page as if I had scrolled down, rather than bringing me to the top of the page. It happens with my regular and mobile MO for me.

M̴̩̩̱̓͌͒͜͠a̸̡̤̬̘͔̖̬̲̔̄ŕ̵̰ commented on Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 2
Jan 28, 18 at 5:51am

Dunno if it's just me, but got this strange bug. Checked on other devices, and it's still the same:

All the hearts have seemed to reset, or are invisible to me, except under the posts/comments that I myself have given hearts to.
Those have both my hearts, and the hearts that others gave. o_o

Jan 28, 18 at 11:15am

I believe I have fixed the scroll so it will now return to the top when you click links.

I may have fixed the heart bug too.


Scrolling is fixed


Yep, scrolling does appear fixed. Ty!

Hearts seem to be working as well.


The heart and the view of who has hearted a comment buttons hitboxes are swapped for me.

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