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27 year old Female
Last online about 19 hours ago
Los Angeles, CA
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xbarbgv @xbarbgv left a comment for kitkat19
Jan 30, 22 at 4:01am
pokerchip @pokerchip left a comment for kitkat19
May 20, 20 at 4:55pm
Okay real talk though, why are you still on a dating site if you're "taken"
Whatta ya up to?(:
kitkat19 @kitkat19 Eating dinner, you?
Hey There(:
Hello! How are you? :)
ShinyTaiga @lulu left a comment for kitkat19
Jul 26, 14 at 4:00pm
How are you
ShinyTaiga @lulu left a comment for kitkat19
Jul 25, 14 at 10:25pm
Apr 14, 14 at 6:14pm
Hey! sorry it took a bit to reply D: I am preparing for a landshark over here haha. (new puppy!) Yeah I have to agree with you there, it's kind of dead. You know someone should make a site for anime friends but have it actually be active and easier to navigate/find people in your area! It would be awesome but this is the closest thing we have I guess : / aww Nobu<3 Yasu is one badass dude! D: you know I met a girl actually who looks exactly like Shin at my archery class, and she cosplayed him! she showed me pics and she looked just like him o.o it was the coolest cosplay. I think my favorite character...hmm it's hard to say because I love them all in their own little way even Takumi. But perhaps maybe Nobu or Shin. Have you ever watched Paradise Kiss? : 3 I love Ai Yazawa's works! and do you play any games like otome games? or nah? ^^
Apr 11, 14 at 11:28pm
Hey there Kitkat! : 3 I see we have a lot of anime in common and your nearby. I'm looking for people to chat with and maybe meetup with in the future. ^^ how do you like this site so far? has it been useful? Also I saw we have quite a few animes in common I really love NANA! who is your favorite character?
Zackattack @zackattack left a comment for kitkat19
Apr 06, 14 at 9:37am
I used to only use console but I slowly went to steam and I'll probably never really go back cause pc is more convenient, if you ever feel like using steam again, well you already have a friend lol
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