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33 year old Male
Last online about 19 hours ago
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Me flirting with girls at the bar. XD
Ghost @kuharido left a comment for Christmas Mommy®
Dec 02, 22 at 10:08pm
Christmas Mommy® @wei_ying You have some skills XD. If she doesn’t accept... tbh I don’t know what will get a woman to do so?
Nov 29, 22 at 9:05pm
Not really Floridian, but I surely am staying here now! Thakn you for the welcome, too. And hope so! :D One Piece is truly great. I know a lot of people don't have the time or want to do the effort to watch it, but as someone that has been literally growing up watching it, I always 11/10 recommend it, it started silly but once you get used to it, is really nice, either if you want some laughs, watch cool battles, or cry a bit with drama.
I think it looks nice. So worst I would call this is a happy accident. :3 Seriously though. Hope you are ok. I’m familiar with doing things like this after an anxiety episode.
had a mental breakdown and decided to cut my hair
Long story short. Had a complicated toxic relationship with my parents that basically kept me under house arrest and made it difficult to leave the house just to go to the grocery store of my own volition. Not literal house arrest. Just severely restricted options for mobility. Kinda hard to meet women in that situation. Would have to write a whole book just to give context. But that issue is pretty much resolved now. So hoping I can turn things around now. On a side note, online dating has been a pretty meh experience. Fake profiles, scams, blah blah blah. So I’ve mostly just stuck with talking to people IRL.
Anything with cheesecake pieces in it. Went to a self serve ice cream shop and got strawberry ice cream with white chocolate and cheesecake. :3