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29 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
Bristol, United Kingdom
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cornxchan @cornxchan left a comment for Jooper94
Apr 06, 19 at 9:53am
omg i love the miku figures <3
Tab @tabwater left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 14, 18 at 5:09pm
I WISH, but too bad I am dirt poor hahaha (living the student life) Oh but I do have that one Konata Izumi figurine that someone got me! Oh and WTH I just noticed you can even see it in my profile pic hahah wth
Tab @tabwater left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 11, 18 at 6:14pm
That is a pretty nice collection you ahve there 0.0 I want that.
Nov 17, 16 at 12:16pm
Thank you, Don't know what it is I am looking for but I'm looking forward to finding out Haha yes indeed you do see to love ru, yami is the best character in it. Just for the fact she can turn her hair into fists haha.
Nov 17, 16 at 4:23am
Hi there. Not sure what exactly to say, not very good for introductions but here goes. Thought I would give the site a go see I find can make some friends on here. Hopefully meet some people nearby also as many of my friends are not into animes really.