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27 year old Male
Last online about 8 hours ago
Bristol, United Kingdom
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cornxchan @cornxchan left a comment for Jooper94
Apr 06, 19 at 9:53am

omg i love the miku figures <3

Tab @tabwater left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 14, 18 at 5:09pm

I WISH, but too bad I am dirt poor hahaha (living the student life)
Oh but I do have that one Konata Izumi figurine that someone got me! Oh and WTH I just noticed you can even see it in my profile pic hahah wth

Tab @tabwater left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 11, 18 at 6:14pm

That is a pretty nice collection you ahve there 0.0 I want that.

ser @ser left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 05, 18 at 7:00pm

oooh i see, i do love a big dog! i'm glad you understand what a nice gal i am ;) ok looks like i'll have to make up for the lack of people with those interests around you then, get ready :D
it would be super nice! lmao noooo i promise you don't have to bribe me with figures to get me out of the house :D ok we'll be nervous together, it'll be a fun time i swear ;3c

ser @ser left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 05, 18 at 6:21pm

dalmatians are so cute ;3; ok just for you, i promise not to cut anyone in half, very generous and selfless i know i know ;)
yeah it's rare to see anyone that lives even a little bit close to where i'm from, too many farmers in dorset D:
i think if i put on my big boy pants i can manage meeting you maybe, even if there are no figures involved :3 i'm like super shy though so don't blame me if i'm bad company ;>
ooh i haven't tried that before, i'll have to give it a go!

ser @ser left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 05, 18 at 5:46pm

he's a jack russel/scottish terrier, he is a fat sausage but i lov him, do you have one? a dog i mean....not the fat sausage part lolol
listen i would have been very gentle about it, i have a soft touch with my saw ;)
yep, from the south west! not near anywhere interesting though, just lots of fields :I
i may have joined you even without the figure, but it's too late you can't take it back you owe me 1 figure now ;) to be fair i don't really like it either, i'm a wimp so i need the sugary sweet drinks that don't taste like alcohol ;-; ok well you have to take me with you now, you're stuck with me, poor you :3c

ser @ser left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 05, 18 at 5:09pm

ok wait i lied my dog > figures > everything else :D buuuut i already got the saw out and everything...fiiine i guess we'll do it your way!
yeah it's a long travel from the south west, and the lack of fields in london...makes me nervous ;) a figure...for me? i'm going i'm there i'll leave right now hurry up :3c
exactly, who need to buy drinks at a pub when you can just bring your own cheap vodka ;> i've honestly never been to the fox before, my friends aren't interested and i'm waaay too nervous to go on my own lolol

ser @ser left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 05, 18 at 4:44pm

i'm glad we agree figures are the top of the priority list ;) ok there is no other option, we have to cut her in half, you wanna go vertical or horizontal?
yeah my friends want to go to a different one, they want me to suffer. i need to make con friends but i'm so shy haha, but i will consider your offer ;3c
no getting drunk at a pub would be appropriate, they drink everywhere but the pub, makes a lot of sense >.<

ser @ser left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 05, 18 at 4:02pm

no i needed your guidance to truly see the light ;) ok we rock paper scissor for her..., you choose first ;3c
ohh nice! i haven't decided yet, my friends aren't going and i look very sad walking around on my own lolol, and the last time i went with my brother he got me drunk, it was...an interesting experience to say the least o-o

ser @ser left a comment for Jooper94
Mar 05, 18 at 3:18pm

when you start starving just look at the figures, it'll get rid of the pain c: i do need all of them, thank you for helping me see the light, my hero ;3;
ok you get rem and i can have ram, deal?
i've been to a small local one a couple times but i mostly go to mcm in london, which is a big boy ;o;